JIG: Find the Escape-Men 53 in the Service Area Review

JIG: There's nothing like a really long car ride with the throb of a well-tuned engine... the thrum of tires against asphalt... the hum of the climate controls... the rattling of one of the fan vents... the numbness in your left leg... the whining of your passengers... the crackle of the radio as you JUST TRY TO FIND A DECENT STATION IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE... uh, eventually, in any long-distance ride, a person needs to just pull over and stretch their legs, hit the restroom, and maybe find something to eat. Not a problem in more populated areas, but if you are in the vast stretches between towns sooner or later you might want to brave the nearest rest stop, also known in other parts as the service area, home to squabbling families, long-haul truckers, interstate serial killers, and apparently escape men.

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