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CNET verdict: A must-have for PS3 owners.

The Last of Us is a brutally realistic and often shocking depiction of a world in crisis, but is undeniably fun to play.

It perfectly captures a civilization on the brink through its believable and hellish atmosphere.

It represents one of the strongest console exclusives in a long time and is absolutely a must-have experience for mature PlayStation 3 gamers.

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vikingland12054d ago

The 14th can't get here soon enough.

GribbleGrunger2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

It's worth reading some of the comments in this review just to educate yourself on how out of touch and biased the traffic is to this site. Here's one that caught my attention:

'Lol, in an industry known for corruption, you seriously buy this? I looked at the gameplay and the voice acting, it looks terrible. People were paid off, be honest.'

Some people are actually not gamers, they're just people who play games occasionally or wouldn't know the difference between a B movie and an Oscar winning movie. It's entertaining to read though.

Corpser2054d ago

Not out of touch, just people with a different perspective. It's a general tech news site, Sony is always vilified on a site like Slashdot because of securom and removing of Linux support on ps3, not that they have nice things to say about MS either

chamber2054d ago

I don't think its a different perspective. The voice acting is one of the most complimented parts and from all accounts was done really well. I can see how not liking the gameplay could be subjective but his whole B movie insult is ludicrous.

Montrealien2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

If you base your opinion of a site by its comments section, how out of touch id N4G? You know, It is News 4 gamers, ont news 4 out of touch fanboys. Hehe, jk

jutt2053d ago

Just started playing. No spoiler but I haven't seen a better opening of a game on such an epic scale.

Montrealien2054d ago

All hail Naughty Dog!! Can't wait!!