FG: DriveClub Preview

FG: While Polyphony Digital are set keep PS3 gamers happy with Gran Turismo 6 this Christmas, it seems there is no PS4 version of that game planned for the near future. As a result racing fans planning to purchase Sony's next-generation console will be looking for something to keep their adrenaline pumping - and it looks like Evolution Studios will fill that void.

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abzdine2046d ago

I WANT this game with Vita Remote play... ok i just wet my pants

Enemy2046d ago

This "team work" stuff could be massive. Putting together a club with your friends is going to be so sick.

mrmancs2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Can't wait to see this running at e3 , hopefully they got 16 booths set up with wheels to show it off good style.
Only butt hurt ppl will disagree with my vision of perfection....

VonBraunschweigg2046d ago

I hope so, I'm still waiting for news on wheelsupport. Another 'preview' that doesn't bring any news but I'll guess we'll here this week.

If you're a journalist and going to E3, please ask them.

Nocando2046d ago

I am an Xbox fan, and I am taking the high road and saying this looks amazing.

gedapeleda2046d ago

This is not a preview...

Confickercrash2046d ago

If there is a Mclaren F1 in this game, then you've got my purchase.

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