Project CARS - 100 new screenshots released

BehindGames Writes: Slightly Mad Studios has released 100 new screenshots for its upcoming racing video game "Project Cars", The new screenshots looks so real and all shots show purely in-game footage without any filter.

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NameRemoved00172054d ago

Can't wait to see what this game looks like if you put ENB on it.

Bigpappy2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

They look fantastic and will get the game some serious attention. The demo is what will make or brake this game. Its all about how it feels when you drive. But yeah... great visuals is a great start.

What's troublesome to me right now, is I have not yet seen 1 shot from the cockpit view. I can't do the behind the car driving thing anymore. Cockpit should be standard by now, with the others optional.

Oh, one more thing. I noticed the site has reset everyone to five bubbles. I know the guys here can't wait to bubble me down. It's part of the culture here to bubble down who you disagree with. Lets hope they are a bit more gentle this time around. Who am I kidding?

adorie2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Look down all the way, near the last images. your cockpit shot is there, also, I've seen plenty of them.

This game's visuals are in a class of it's own, especially when I've seen the game run @ 4k. Nothing else can touch it. Most visually stunning racing/sim I have ever seen, bar none.

Bigpappy2054d ago

@adore: No, that is and in car view. These pics don't seem in-game and are made just to show the cars. I want to see in-game cockpit.

Dee_912054d ago

to be honest, even if the physics still feel like NFS Shift 2 I will still buy it.
Man im so happy we are getting more racing games like this and drive club.Ive been wanting open world racers like this for the longest.

adorie2054d ago

Wow, Okay. Here is your in-game cockpit.

aliengmr2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

They have a standard cockpit view and even a helmet view.

There is no question about cockpit view in PCars, its there and it looks great.

The physics are being overhauled for this game, Slightly Mad already confirmed that they are making sure it won't be like NFS.

Bigpappy2054d ago

@Adore: That seems like a low resolution when compared to the pics, but definitely show the cockpit view. So it has the requirements I look for in a driving game. So all I need now is a demo to test handling and sense of speed.

You would happen to have that too... do you? J/K

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aliengmr2054d ago

I could be wrong but ENB only works with DX9.

TRU3_GAM3R2054d ago

I don't think there's a racing game that look that good.

NioRide2054d ago

Can already tell you its the GT crowd on damage control giving all of these disagree's lately.

EazyC2054d ago

Haha, in the car in the article picture, is the Nevermore sticker meant to mean the band, Nevermore?

Thats awesome!

BehindGames2054d ago


As Slightly Mad Studios said:
"Believe it or not, all shots show purely in-game footage that has not been made in any special photo mode with no post-processing or filters that aren’t available during the actual gameplay – What you see below is what you experience while driving!"

yugovega2054d ago

Man if this plays as good as it looks i'm thinking gt may have real competition unlike arcade racer forza.

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