Violence: All gamers must die

Pete Worth, Thunderbolt writes:
Despite what you may have read, believe and experienced first hand - videogames have been violent since their inception. Before gaming pens were invented to write them with, ideas were shat from developer’s minds like cataclysmic sneezes of abhorrence. Let’s do a quick rundown of some classics and the violence depicted within; Pac-man (relentless chomping machine devours ghosts), Tetris (brutally shunting deformed blocks together to create a seamless wall of suffering), and Super Mario Bros (forcing a pint-sized Italian plumber to leap over his own height and onto the soft heads of an indigenous populous - ramming their own larynxes through their hearts). Besides these gems of bloodlust, who can forget Streetfighter, the torturous game where you beat up lampposts and tarmac with your bare hands? As for Sonic The Hedgehog, I take it you’ve heard the phrase, “The blue hedgehog up the golden ring”? Exactly.

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