Always On: What's The Big Deal?

An opinion piece about the "Always Online" aspect of next-gen consoles. Discusses the pros and cons of it, as well as the possibilities of what companies may do with the data they are collecting.

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wishingW3L1957d ago

because the "always on" is not a benefit in any way to us and never will be, it's just a new form of restriction! They will use it to monitor us like sheep and to block used games. Just think about it. I might be always online but why does the console requires it even for off-line games? When I turn on my console it's my choice to go online and enjoy the benefits of online gaming, or to stay off-line and enjoy a single player game on my own.

PS4 will not require an online connection and when the XBone comes out you'll see that there is no benefit on having an always on system and in fact, it will be quite the contrary.

Abash1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Why does the image show the PS4 for an article about "always on"? Sony already stated that the PS4 doesnt need to always be connected to the internet and they never even thought about doing that for the console

4Sh0w1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"because the "always on" is not a benefit in any way to us and never will be, it's just a new form of restriction!"

Who is "us"? Always on is convenient for me, can't wait to just start my X1 by saying "Xbox on" How is that restricting me?

"When I turn on my console it's my choice to go online and enjoy the benefits of online gaming, or to stay off-line and enjoy a single player game on my own."

OK so obviously you have internet service, but X1 isn't forcing you to game online, it just verifies your games are legit once every 24hrs in the background, you don't have to drive to Redmond and check in everyday.

jeesh some of you are being waaaay overdramatic, btw you do know you can just turn it off right?

zeal0us1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"it just verifies your games are legit once every 24hrs in the background"

Isn't one time is good enough? Is there really a reason to constantly keep checking if a game is legit? Its waste of resources if you ask me.

Always online might not be a restriction to you but it is to some of us( please read it). You can't wait to start up your X1 by saying "Xbox on"....... Just wondering how hard is it for you to get up and press the power button?

RiPPn1957d ago

@4Sh0w: Shill or fanboy?

loulou1957d ago

my consoles have always been on since this gen began.

nothing will change next gen either. this is not an issue for me

JokesOnYou1957d ago

uh oh, disagree and you're obviously working for Microsoft 4Sh0w.

Isn't one time is good enough? Is there really a reason to constantly keep checking if a game is legit?

uhm, wtf? lol, NO once would allow you to do the same as now, they whole point of drm is they have to have a security measure in place so whenever you do sell it, loan it or are committing piracy the verification check will lock you out of that game. "waste of resources", that makes no sense its built in to the console, happens within a few seconds in the background, BAMM its done, you won't even notice it, takes no resources. Wow, some of you need to work on your troll skills, weak sauce right there.

Muerte24941957d ago

"OK so obviously you have internet service, but X1 isn't forcing you to game online, it just verifies your games are legit once every 24hrs in the background, you don't have to drive to Redmond and check in everyday."


"we treat our consumers like they're all criminals."

Not everyone has internet connection. For those who do have, there will always be downtimes when NODE is overloaded. Good luck with your X1 when you don't have an internet connection.

4Sh0w1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"Always online might not be a restriction to you but it is to some of us"

OK so complain then don't buy it= Plain and Simple, anything more just means you want to dictate what's good for me yet I don't come to your house and tell you which cable provider to get because I think they're all ripping you off except the one I have. There are luxury cars and economy cars people make choices based on economics and preferences all the time its only gamers who have some self righteous feeling of entitlement. Why can't you guys just be man enough to stick to your principles and just walk away, instead constantly trolling. Trolling and stand up for your rights are not the same thing, there is a clear and obvious difference, its just trolling= Plain and Simple. Consumer rights are important but last I check no one nominated you guys who hate Microsoft president of the consumer rights club. Microsoft doesn't owe me or you anything, if you happen to have brought a 360 then hopefully you feel as if you got your moneys worth other than that it doesn't entitle you to dictating to me or Microsoft what they have to do with their next console, NO you don't like their direction then its not for you= Plain and Simple. This is why you guys on n4g aren't taken seriously and fanboyism will always overshadow everything you say because normal people do not constantly follow a person or brand constantly saying how they hate it, they say "screw you" or "screw that" and then move along, fans say "I don't like rap music, they then they go buy country, pop or whatever they like but they don't seek out every piece of rap news just to say "I hate rap music", NO they just turn on their music and enjoy themselves. Fanboys are the opposite of fans, they constantly spew negativity everyday because they hate to see other people enjoying themselves doing something that they don't approve of. How empty you must feel.= Plain and Simple.

rippn, oh please how original

Muerte, It's not treating anyone like criminals, its indiscriminate, your logic is like Walmart saying hey lets install these new upgraded security cameras but why bother turning them on, uh duh if you're going to stop stealing then of course you have to check it or your whole security is pointless and I'm not rich but if you have internet and its often down for more than 24hrs then you need a new provider.

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JokesOnYou1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

yeah wishing....I dont want to have that damm Kinect spying on me either, I got a full proof plan though Im going to do all my drug deals using my laptop in the garage on Facebook.

jbond10101957d ago

Just tape over the microphone on the kinect and face it against the wall. Or develop a secret set of codewords. Lol.

RiPPn1957d ago

@jbond1010: I hope you're not serious. We shouldn't have to hide or create a new language to get around our electronics. Better to just not bring them in to our homes in the first place.

JokesOnYou1957d ago

OMG, jbond1010 he thinks you're seriously going make up a new, lmfao

He's probably considering my master plan for Facebook. lol

adorie1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

#datdamagecontrolineveryxboxar ticle

If you're not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Down with any company that enforces DRM and restrictive practices.

Down with MS and down with Sony if they follow suit. E3 holds the answers.

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dedicatedtogamers1957d ago

The always-online certainly COULD be used for something great, just like the Wii Vitality Sensor, just like all of those unfulfilled promises surrounding the original Kinect.

I'm done with promises and potential. I no longer buy a console based on potential alone (which is why I typically wait at least a year before buying any new gaming hardware). Just because always-on COULD be used for some great things doesn't mean that it WILL be used for some cool things. Remember Nintendo's promise how the Wii's blue light would come on when you'd get surprise updates, new content for games, new levels, etc? Never happened.

Benjammin251957d ago

Here's my problem with the whole thing. If people want to buy the new Xbox then fine, it's none of my business. But if this thing actually turns out to be a success, then console gaming is in BIG trouble. I live in the middle of Ireland and about a year ago, my Internet went off for about 5 days. I was a bit annoyed that I couldn't play online but I had a few single player games to get through so I didn't mind. But now I'm supposed to be ok with not being able to play my single player games if such an event were to reoccur? I mean what the hell?
And where does it stop? If we let MS pull this BS with their 24 hour check in, what are they going to do next generation? Always on? Will we have any freedom to do what we please with OUR games? It's a disgrace to be honest. I can buy a new DVD for €10. But I'm expected to pay 5 times as much for a new game and then I'm told where and when I can play it? And gamers are ok with this? If I sold a game to you and then told you what you can and can't do with it, what would you do? You would tell me to go such and such myself.
I have no problem telling people I love my ps3. But I don't have a thing against people who like 360 either. But Xbox One is not ok with me. And if Sony pull the same crap at E3 that's it. PC here I come.

kickerz1956d ago

Hey Ben, I was reading that Xbox one can use a mobile broadband connection, so not sure if that means you could use your cell phone 3G connection for that 24 hr check but if so that might be a solution if your main Internet went down for 5 days. Not sure though. Be good if someone knew more about this. I haven't lost Internet connection in the last 2 years except maybe in a big storm when the power went out...

hkgamer1957d ago

There maybe no benefit to us gamers, but depending on how the industry moves because of this drastic change then it will affect the gamers somehow.

Here's a scenario. XBone and PS4 sells same amount, pretty much like 360/PS3. However, publishers are making alot more money on XB games since they are getting a chunk out of used games. MS starts pressuring publishers to make exclusive games to XB because data shows how much money they are losing out on used PS games.

If that scenario does pan out then XB gamers will benefit alot, I'm not a XB gamer and I pretty much only play brand new games. I don't sell my old games and I hardly ever borrow or lend out any of my games. If MS doe's get exclusives because they are in the publishers good book then I probably want Sony to have such DRM aswell.

I probably will get a XBone within its first yeah of release, but depending on how the kinect works I would probably turn off my console most of the time. Can't stand having a camera staring at me.

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jbond10101957d ago

Thanks for the comment. Just trying to get more discussion on the potential for positives with regards to always online. I agree that they're most likely just going to collect all the data and sell it/use it against us somehow, I'm just trying to be optimistic that there is some actual positive use to the functionality aside from stopping us from playing used games/share games.

zeal0us1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I really don't see anything positive about always online.

You can turn on/off your X1 by saying "Xbox On/Off"
-Takes less than 10secs to get up and press the power button

You don't have to wait for a update.
-For people who have fast internet its now going to save you like what 3-4mins, WoooooooooW

Stay connected with your friends
-So the same thing with XBL on the 360.

If I lived in better area where dsl,broadband or etc was offered I probably wouldn't mind the X1. Sadly however I don't and right now the only reason I online is because tethering(1X signal with one bar).

This gen I done majority of my gaming offline. The only time I ever went online is if I took my 360 or profile(via usb drive) over to a relative's house with fast internet.

hkgamer1957d ago

I think you are getting mixed up between always on and always online.

Always on = console on standby (similar to tablets/phones)

Always online = needs internet connection to work?

Anyway, positive of always on is that games can be put on standby at anytime so you can jump back in whenever you like. Think of a boss battle that takes 1 hour to beat. half way thru you have emergency and have to leave. You would be able to turn off your console(standby) and carry on the next time you play.

cyguration1957d ago


There is no positive.

Taking away choice provides nothing good for the consumer.

It's like trying to find a positive in segregation.
How does restriction social choices have an upside? For what?

GreenRanger1957d ago

Some people say that they're always on now, so they don't mind that the Xbox One needs do online check-ins.

What they probably don't realise (or they are just overlooking) is if you can't sign in, you lose your game for a while.

If you have a power outage in your home, you can't play your games.

If your connection drops regularly, there's a good chance you will lose the ability to play your games because you can't sign in to XBL.

The Xbox One will become a popular target for hackers (because of the camera on Kinect and the data MS collects), so expect Xbox Live to be offline for maintenance a lot, and again, you won't be able to play your games.

jbond10101957d ago

Something I never even considered was troops overseas playing on the console. I have friends in Afghanistan and internet connection is pretty bad in some places, so if they just want to play games amongst their unit, they wouldn't be able to if this 24hour check disables the console.

All around I don't like the idea, but at one point we're all going to be connected. The concern I have is what they are doing with all that data they're collecting about us.

loulou1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

please tell me how you can play your games if you have a power outage and you cant switch on the tv or xbox??

i live in rural France, and before that i lived in S.E london. and in the last 7 years, i think the most i have lost my internet for is 2 days.. not bad ey.

i dont really have any problems with my ISP. i dont know where everyone lives on here. but i here alot of talk of their net going down often, yet they are on here day after day parroting the same stuff...

cyguration1957d ago

We have power outages where I am quite often. Usually when the power does come back the net service is wonky for a short time thereafter, meaning no access to the net.

So even if the power comes back and the net service is still down until the ISP fixes it, you WON'T be able to play your Xbox One even if you do have power.

GreenRanger1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ loulou
"please tell me how you can play your games if you have a power outage and you cant switch on the tv or xbox??"

I have a backup generator.

Bell Boy1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Come live in Georgia where the severe storms often knock out Comcast, which in my experience can often take days to be sorted.

Before you say switch isp well they are no better.

Don't get me wrong my ps3 as been connected for years but these downtimes in internet do not effect my hobby to often due to the fact I can play OFFLINE for ever if necessary!..same won,t be true for the xbox one in my area.

whoyouwit041957d ago

Whats the big deal indeed?

TXIDarkAvenger1957d ago

Not a big deal to me. I always have internet connection...though I feel it shouldn't be required. Always online does have benefits though.

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