Game makers' take on used game sales unclear in wake of Xbox One policy

Polygon: "Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would leave it up to game publishers to decide how and if used games could be bought and sold for the Xbox One. But Activision, EA, Take-Two and Ubisoft all either declined to comment on what their policy will be or said they hadn't yet decided.

Activision officials acknowledged the question but didn't respond with an answer. A Take-Two official said the company wasn't commenting yet. Ubisoft officials said they were still examining Microsoft's recently announced policy on used games."

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JokesOnYou2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

"EA's Frank Gibeau did confirm that their "online passes" won't be returning for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 games."

Interesting because if EA is giving up $$(online passes) on both platforms then of course we know they will have a used game fee on X1 since micro is leaving it up to publishers, but then how will they get $$ for used games on ps4? Just a hunch but I dont see EA suddenly turning down $$ 'cause they just love sony. hmmm...and whatever EA's plans are with sony, will it be the norm for other devs?

dark_1012009d ago


As far as I understand about the new (used games) policy
The publishers have the control of charging fees (If the want to charge initially)?

Im sorry but its still confusing

Correct me if im wrong so everyone can see