The Last of Us: The Resident Evil 4 of this Generation

Steven Lacroix says: For some strange reason, Resident Evil 4 kept coming up in my head as I advanced through The Last of Us. Both seem like completely different games at first glance. However, the more I thought about it, the more similarities kept popping up. Not necessarily in a gaming sense, but more on a personal level. Resident Evil 4 was released in January of 2005, and completely revolutionized action games. It set the new standard and every great series from God of War to Uncharted has seen some inspiration from it. I didn’t realize early on, but The Last of Us is the next revolution. You might have noticed all the crazy scores on the web, the game got perfect 10′s from a record number of media outlets (Jarrod’s just a douche). These scores are not just over excitement. The Last of Us is simply a masterpiece.

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stone_cold1959d ago

The Last of Us: The Resident Evil 10000000 of this Generation

CaptainYesterday1959d ago

Can't wait to get TLOU Survival Edition next week! Anyone else getting the Survival Edition? :)

DoomeDx1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Im getting the Ellie edition :)

CaptainYesterday1959d ago

I'm seriously jealous! Unfortunately they only sell the Survival Edition in Canada so I'm out of luck! I wanted the Post-Pandemic Edition it came with a nice statue that would have looked great on my dresser, but oh well have to make do with the Survival Edition I will read the comic and look through the art book before I play the game! ;)

DoomeDx1959d ago

Same here. The art really grabs me for some reason. I've always been a sucker for apocalyptic scenes.

Hehe well the survival edition is pretty cool too. Glad to see that people support ND's work.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1959d ago

I'm shelling out $1fitty.00 for the Post-pandemic edition D: That Ellie sackgirl looks so damn cute though >_< Is there a Joel sackboy?

CaptainYesterday1959d ago

Yes there is a Joel sack boy it looks pretty funny :P

wishingW3L1959d ago

can't wait to get this game on the 14!

Brazz1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Quality > yeah, i hope TLOUS make me as happy as RE4 did! That is a very hard task!
Sales numbers > Hope TLOUS do better, RE4 had good sales for ps2/Game cube standard, but the last of us need more!
I hope TLOUS, if the games is as epic as peplo say, manege to cross the line of 6 Million.

OrangePowerz1959d ago

As a Resident Evil game I find Resi 4 overrated. It's a very good action game, but I dont see it as a true Resident Evil game. I simply prefer the Resi games that came out before 4 and the original version of Resi 4 that wasn't released.

Can't wait for The Last of Us.

Neo-Axl1959d ago

The original Resident Evil 4 was turned into Devil May Cry dude, the next Resident Evil 4 looked terrific, you know the one where Leon's walking around with a flash light? the final Resident Evil 4 was.. good, fantastic action game. Not a very good Resident Evil, thus REmake still has the top knock for me.

The Last of Us, honestly haven't been more excited for a game since MGS4, and that is HUGE for me.

OrangePowerz1959d ago

Jep thats the one I mean the one that`s still a proper horror survival game

I`m very excited for The Last of Us (around the excitement level I had for Uncharted 2 and MGS4) and I have trust in Naughty Dog, just hope that my expectations are not too high like it was with some games previously like GTA 4 or Halo 3.

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