Scam of the day: Full Free Vita ISO games are not so free...

Of course, nobody here at ever thought of pirating a game. Nevertheless, this warning about dangerous websites targeting gullible gamers is probably useful for many:

The PS Vita is one of the few consoles on which (at the time of this writing) games cannot be pirated. That does not prevent many people from looking in search engines for information about ps vita isos, or free ps vita games.


Whenever there is a large amount of people searching for popular keywords (such as “free games for vita” or “download games vita”), scammers see this as an opportunity.

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zeal0us1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

No offense but if you got the money to buy a vita game but instead you try to go pirate one, you deserve to be scam.

Xof1960d ago

If you're stupid enough to think you can get an ISO from a game cartridge, you deserve to be scammed.

beakeroo11960d ago

ISO has became a generic term synonymous with piracy. Even though it isn't a true ISO from a cart it is still an image file and is often referred to as an ISO.

PrimeGrime1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Scam of the day? Good luck even playing those ISO's anyway.

You should know several have tried hacking the Vita and no one has managed but one team, through the vine though someone handed it to Sony. Hasn't been anything since besides hacking UNO..

Sure there are firmware hacks but playing hacked games on the Vita is another story.

I doubt there will be a PS Vita emulator anytime soon either or at least one that actually works.