Feature: The Highs and Lows of PlayStation 3 at E3

Push Square: "With the PlayStation 4 set to dominate the industry's attention over the coming week, we thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to look back on some of the highest highs and cringe-inducing lows from the PlayStation 3's time at E3. We’ve been astounded by gameplay demonstrations, shocked by surprise announcements, and reduced to disappointed, broken husks after witnessing disastrous presentations. Join us as we root through the press conference archives, and offer a reminder of just why the Los Angeles show is considered the most memorable event on the gaming calendar."

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Donnieboi2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Ps3 is getting The Last of Us, Puppeteer, GTA V, Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6, and some free to play games.

I think ps3 is fine and clearly strongly supported.
Sony is treating PS3 and something seperate from ps4.

Also I think I see why Sony is still strongly supporting PS3 despite the fact they will need to convince their fanbase to ALSO spend cash on PS4: To combat the lower-priced Wii U.

The ps3 will have to get a price drop. Combine the low price, with the reduced cost of new games (probably drop new game retail prices from $60 down to $50-$40) and it will leave the PS3 in a position to compete with the Wii U. Many argued that the wii u will be the cheapest of next gen hardware, but Sony is playing it smart by still strongly supporting PS3. Wii U is not much stronger (tech-wise) from PS3, so by Sony supporting it, it will increase the chances of PS3 getting many of the 3rd party games Wii U might get (thus putting it on equal footing with Wii U). Not to mention the already huge install base PS3 has.

Meanwhile, while the PS3 lowers it's price to compete with Wii U this holiday, the PS4 will be free to focus on it's battle against Xbox One (since their both in the same league technologically (actually ps4 is considerably more powerful) and will have similar price points (and sell their games at similar prices ($60 minimum for most new games).

tweet752047d ago

the biggest low i can think was the original price point $599. If sony tries that again with ps4 they might run into trouble

OrangePowerz2047d ago

Don`t know, never had a problem with the price point. A standalone Blu Ray player cost the same at that time and those players couldn`t be updated so they where not future proof. On top of that the 360 was more expensive if you added bigger HDD, wifi, battery pack and HD-DVD drive.

The problem was more on how it was communicated as people should just get a second job. Also the historically correct giant enemy crabs with a weakspot and real time weapon switching wasn`t really great. And let`s not forget that it all appeared like Sony was saying that the next gen doesn`t start until they say so.

HurstDarkStar2046d ago

Not a bad high low list actually.

Persistantthug2046d ago

They forgot about the hack & outage.

That had to be the worst time for the PS3.

Also, removing the OTHER OS wasn't such a great time either.

HurstDarkStar2046d ago

mr. thug isn't the article about E3 though? it would be strange too talk about any event after or before E3? When they make an article about xbox360's highs and lows, should they bring up RROD? or the fact that live was down around and through Christmas? isn't that irrelevant

Persistantthug2046d ago

I didn't take the "E3" into context.

My bad there.

HurstDarkStar2046d ago

see I love civil thugs ...dont rob me though