SideQuesting's Most Anticipated Games of E3 2013: Dragon's Crown

Dali Dimovski writes:

"Dragon’s Crown takes medieval ideologies and mixes it with modern orc-mashing, action and RPG elements. The gameplay mechanic is simple, but with the six different classes it can provide a ton of versatility and multiple playthroughs. But really, it’s the art that gets us excited."

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Fullmetalevolust2050d ago

I get the feeling the game will have me hooked for weeks due to replay-ability and the art work. Add in all the RPG elements and I'm farming for hours looking for what I need. Bring on the fun!!!

rextraordinaire2049d ago

This and Xillia on the same day. Good year for me!

Shinobi1002050d ago

If you were alive and gaming during the 16-bit era, you're getting this game. This is a modern day Genesis game and we all get to be kids again

rextraordinaire2049d ago

This is like the second coming of golden axe, only better, sexier, deeper, shinier.

Can't wait!