Why Metro Last Light is One of the Best Games I’ve Played this Generation

Earlier this year, Bioshock: Infinite dazzled the masses; its story was proclaimed as one of the best in the history of video games, its world was held in high esteem, as was the game overall, and critics and players alike looked past its faults and heaped on the praise. ‘Game of the year…no wait, of the generation!,’ some claimed.

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Neixus1958d ago

then you haven't played many games this gen, sorry

ShugaCane1958d ago

Admit it, you didn't even play the game, did you ?

I agree with the author. Last Light has met all of my expectations, and even surpassed them tbh. The atmosphere is spectacular, so are the soundtrack and the writing. Please don't let this gem be underrated like Metro 2033 was. It deserves all the praise it can get. Fabulous game.

Neixus1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Agree, but the ai just didn't satisfy me, played through maybe 60% of the game

Thanks for not going full rage on me,tho. It's a good game, but not really my taste

Prcko1958d ago

Same here m8,spectacular game

Utalkin2me1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I agree with Neixus. Game is overrated in my eyes. I got halfway through the game and couldn't even force myself to finish it. The gameplay doesn't offer anything new and is just bland. The A.I. is just awful. Very limited in the weapons department and very little customization. Games get a little repetitive, and becomes very predictable.

But the atmosphere is very good and the sound is fairly good. I also like some of the game mechanics. Such as wiping off your visor and carrying a notepad. Doesn't really take you out of the game.

seanpitt231957d ago

It was a good game but In no way the best game I have played this gen. It was to short for one thing.

GuyThatPlaysGames1957d ago

This game was a piece of shit! I'd rather play Duke Nukem over this.

The_Truth_24_71958d ago

Well that will quickly end when The Last of Us comes out next week.

joab7771957d ago

The irony is that this could have been written this week about another game called the last of us. I don't know the story, so maybe not that. But...everything else.

chcolatesnw1957d ago

honestly theres a few games that are all number 1 for me. I can't take one over the other
TF2, Uncharted 2/(3 if it came out before 2 because it felt too similar), and even tho it's not out, last of us, I trust ND more than the reviews, and the reviews are already great. Witcher 2 Bioshock Inf Dota 2 Metro LL BF3 CoD4 MP, honestly, I really can't take one over the other, and it says something

chris13gt1957d ago

Deus Ex:HR-Red Dead Redemption-The Witcher 2-Alan Wake-Demon Souls-Dark Souls-Bioshock 1-Mass Effect 1-Dragon Age 1-Metro:LL,for me the best games in this generation.I haven't played yet The Last of Us.