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SegmentNext - "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 might restore faith of long-term fans in the franchise".

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rextraordinaire1958d ago

Why does it sound so much like Majora's mask?

I feel like Square gathered ideas from everything and then some for Lightning Returns.

A bit of Zelda there, a bit of Assassin's Creed here, add some Valkyrie Profile for the battles, throw in X-2's dress spheres mechanic... All the while trying to make sense of the convoluted mess of a plot that XIII-2 created, and hope for the best?

This can be two things: A laughable disaster, bringing the wrath of Final Fantasy fans to an unexpected new level,


A brilliant, if flawed, hidden gem of a game with enough brilliant ideas to restore some faith in the Final Fantasy brand.

But I think it's really too bad, what they did with the plot in XIII-2.

project_pat361958d ago

Enix Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3

Benjammin251958d ago

I'm finding it nigh on impossible to get excited for this game and I never thought I'd be able to say that about a final fantasy game. That said, this might be ok. But even if it is a good game, it shouldn't have taken them three attempts to get it right.