Android Consoles like OUYA and MOJO aren’t Really Next Generation Game Changers

It seems that so many people seem to think the OUYA and the newly announced Mad Catz MOJO console based on Android is some seriously good stuff. I for one disagree and see no point in getting such a console. Essentially what these things allow you to do is play Android games with a controller on your TV or monitor. There really isn’t anything more to them in my opinion. Why spend the money to play something that you can already play on your mobile device everywhere you go?

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Yi-Long1957d ago

.... they never were intended as next-gen game-changers.

They're intended as an easily accessible, low-cost console, both for consumers as well as developers.

And that's perfectly fine.

If anything, it's an alternative to PSN and XBLA marketplaces. And it has the potential to be a very good alternative.

HOWEVER, the main 'problem' these devices face, is that consumers can also just buy a cheap but powerful chinese Android phone (or tablet), with HDMI-out and USB-ports, and pretty much get the same kind of easily accessible Android-gaming machine that you can hook up to the TV and to a controller, and get the same experience.

Personally, being a big fan of 'arcade games', I'm positive about the OUYA, however, I AM still looking how it will all develop further, before I decide to get one.

abzdine1956d ago

bad times to release a console next to PS4.

Greatness awaits

hellvaguy1956d ago

1st place>4th place. See what I did there? Equally as witty. /s

JT881956d ago

U can buy USB devices that run ICS and play ur android games,apps. They r on Amazon for cheap but, r also cheaply made one is just a the size of a thumb drive., and some aren't and powerful.

hellvaguy1956d ago

That's true, but the point of OUYA is some niche group that doesn't have much income or isn't a big spender, so they prolly don't have a smart phone to usb over to the tv.

Plus, as time as shown, people want plug and play for things such as controllers. Idk I wouldn't buy OUYA, but I'm just hypothesizing who their target audience would be.

Chapter111956d ago

They aren't supposed to compete with the One or PS4, they pretty much said so from the start. They're indie consoles, simple as that.

stage881956d ago

They are not supposed to be!

I'll be getting Ouya for all the emulators :)

Agent_00_Revan1956d ago

Miine arrived yesterday. Hooked it up and checked out the market. Theres almost nothing there. I did download the SNES, NES and N64 emulators. That's all they had.

The #1 reason why I bought the system isn't even available yet, which is for XBMC. .I

stage881956d ago

XBMC is available here:

You should also download the PS1, Sega Genesis and GBA emulators. I've seen some great vids on youtube.

hellvaguy1956d ago

Whats a XBMC do-hicky? Never heard of it before

Agent_00_Revan1956d ago

I'm guessing that the other emulators you mentioned are either the existing ones in the normal Google Play store? because they aren't in the OUYA yet. I have the other ones. Will just have to side load them then.

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