Forza Motorsport 5 - E3 Teaser All In-Game Footage

New teaser trailer of Forza Motorsport 5 includes "All In-Game Footage".

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SOD_Delta2937d ago

Looks pretty good. Looking forward to some E3 Gameplay.

TheBrownBandito2937d ago

Marketing spin.

Replay footage is not in game footage. I'll wait for E3 but I think I know what will look better to be honest.

abzdine2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

yes those are replay graphics, and I know and YOU know that it's never the same quality and attention to details between in-game and replay.
...and guys try to pause the video at 0:09 and see how unrealistic that looks and the roundings aren't well made.

better luck next time Microsoft.

@Shadowsteal: your video gave me a wood! that is true graphic awesomeness!!

Blacktric2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

That terrible ground texture at the beginning is the sole testament to how right some people were to dismiss the Xbox One conference footage as CG. It's MS doing what they do best; fooling gullible people. They need to step their game up and drop the CG trailer BS.

2937d ago
isarai2937d ago

yet somehow still falling short of the trailer they showed at their conference. Not saying graphics make the game, but i'm sick of their methods of pushing target renders and cgi trailers off as gameplay graphics

justastranger102937d ago

Why does your post sound like damage control. I can instantly tell that you're jealous of Forza just from your post. Don't hate.

Pro Racer2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

I've seen 480p videos that look clearer than this one in 720p. Hard to see any real detail in it. They should have made it 1080p with a higher bitrate.

thechosenone2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

A console with less than 1 teraflops can output those kinds of graphics? Very nice. DC and GT7 on PS4 should look a touch better since it sports 1.84 teraflops.

and before you mark me down for trolling

MS having eSRAM yield problems on Xbox One, RUMOR: downclocking GPU

greenpowerz2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

"This eSRAM issue i read about on NeoGaf is concerning me. Im pretty sure its not true. Any light u can shed on thus?"

"Definitely not true, I can't respond to every unsourced online rumor . . but that is false."

Stop spreading your Pro PlayStation propaganda.

Why so serious? *in Joker voice* Why So scared? Running around willing to purposely spread misinformation.

You don't know the performance of the Xbox One because no one has announced the details of the specs. The specs people are using are speculation born from MSFT not going into detail about the specs at a console reveal designed for mass market.

MSFT, Engineers, Chip Manufacturing Partners nor any developers actually working on Xbox One have announced anything about details on specs.

MSFT only said they have highly customized chipsets and are using a 8 core CPU and 8 gigs of RAM LOL

Xbox one specs floating around come from XB1 pre reveal rumors passed along as fact.

Got to mark your comment as trolling. Spreading lies about Xbox One and trolling Forza epic next gen visuals.

Teraflop, smearaflop. You don't know jack nor does Eurogamer, Neogaff any anyother outside the MSFT partnership tent. Eurogamers and Neogaff are getting just as bad as N4G when it comes to PlayStation fans infiltrating the hierarchy of these sites and game media.

BlueTemplar2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )


"Eurogamers and Neogaff are getting just as bad as N4G when it comes to PlayStation fans infiltrating the hierarchy of these sites and game media."

...and if you look closely at the JFK footage, you can clearly see a ps fanboy on the grassy knoll.

Get a grip you deluded conspiracy-theorist nutcase.

Braid2937d ago

In-game or not, I'm still unimpressed.

No matter what company you're a fan of, everyone with a set of healthy eyes can notice that the Drive Club looks "considerably" better than what we see in this video.

greenpowerz2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

What Are you guys disagreeing with? That is a fact MSFT debunked The Clock Speed rumor.

It is a fact No one knows the performance of the Xbox One hardware because details have not been announced.

"Digital Foundry ‏@digitalfoundry 7 Jun
@majornelson You could simply confirm the 800MHz GPU clock speed - something you didn't do at the reveal. Can you do that?"

Even one of the very sites that were first spreading the misinformation about the XB1 specs are now being forced to admit they don't know hence them asking what are the real specs LMAO

They won't get a reply until MSFT is ready or finalized its specs.

TitanFall devs....

"Talks about how the game will have unlimited dedicated servers for the game, offloading "a few dozen AI" and physics, says the game would be impossible without the cloud and wouldn't have attempted it. Still dealing with unfinished hardware and software, so it's "still a little rough going at times."

There is a reason why devs actually working on Xbox One games and MSFT, Engineers plus Chip Manufacturers have said nothing.

Qrphe2937d ago

How did greenz manage to gain 4 bubbles overnight?

fr0sty2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

It isn't what I'd call "terrible" graphics by any stretch of the imagination. It's a very low quality video as well (on purpose? I know youtube is capable of better than that!), so I'll join the others here who are reserving final judgment for later. I also want to see actual gameplay, not actual replay.

I'm a journalist, so I'm going to poke around Microsoft's press site and see if I can't find you guys a better quality video of this. This upload looks like it has been recompressed 90 times.

Edit: Checked MS' press site, they only have the trailer that was released on May 22 posted so far. If I see this one pop up I'll upload it to our youtube channel in higher quality.

@dmarc, I too have more bubbles. Did they raise the default number to 5?

Dee_912937d ago

I just noticed I had 2 more bubs (0_o)
mines shouldnt have been taken anyway.gamedroid and his multiple accounts took my bubbles

ShinMaster2937d ago

Here's why:

Also, what's up with the excessive use of lens flare and god rays?
It doesn't make the game more "next-gen" just because you put the sun in people's faces all the time and blind them.

JokesOnYou2937d ago

lol, you guys couldn't sound any more butt hurt if you tried. Keep it coming, your envy is showing. I can't wait to see Forza5, running in all its glory at 1080p 60fps on my big screen with my wireless wheel.

greenpowerz2937d ago

Mods reset the bubbles.

Reported for trying to get people to bubble me down. Don't worry about my bubbles there won't be any soon for anybody.

3-4-52937d ago

relax guys. Forza is a good series and one of the few good things the XB1 has going for it.

fr0sty2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

This video looks like it was ripped from another source, recompressed 90 times, dragged through the mud, and then played back on a Sega CD. I think people should wait for a higher quality video before they start jumping to conclusions.

@greenpowerz, in both cases where you claim you were reporting people for trying to get others to bubble you down, there was no instance where anyone said "bubble this person down!" even indirectly. In one case you got called out for an off topic comment, the other someone was just asking how you got more bubbles. If you keep wasting mods' time with these BS reports, you're going to end up banned.

TheSurg2937d ago

ow shush. If it would be a ps4 game you'd sh!t your armor. Game looks great!

Divine2937d ago

no no no microsoft v.v . you wait untill E3 only sony can put things like this out.

Enemy2937d ago

Funny how this looks nowhere near as good as the "real-time" debut footage.

nveenio2937d ago

They do need to start distinguishing between in-game and in-race.

Pro Racer2937d ago

@ ShinMaster

Thanks for the link, that's pretty eye-opening. And I was about to say the same thing: lens-flares, god-rays, and excessive bloom are not what next-gen graphics are about.

We need more polys and higher resolution textures, reflections and shadows. Add in a new lighting system with HDR and better quality post-process effects and we'll be one step closer to "next-gen" graphics on consoles.

Tr10wn2937d ago

"MS having eSRAM yield problems on Xbox One, RUMOR: downclocking GPU

"This eSRAM issue i read about on NeoGaf is concerning me. Im pretty sure its not true. Any light u can shed on thus?"

If you guys are really concern about technicalities you shouldn't be buying a console, 1.84 teraflops is nothing compare to what PC gaming already is, stop using technicalities on consoles that are already out date on launch.

Ritsujun2937d ago

That's current-gen level.
LOL @ MoneySucker and Turn10.

2936d ago
2936d ago
Themisterphenix2936d ago

The Xbox One did not have a downclock on the gpu!
Secondly the PS4 reserves close to 3 gigs for system operations and other things!
I am a game developer and work with both dev kits,I know what I know!

Secondly I understand if you hate Microsoft and the way the Xbox One is restricted!Yet you got to ask yourself.....since Sony left it up to publishers how many PS4 games will be restricted if you don't go online to activate it?

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Shadowsteal2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

That's what you think looks good? It looks good for 360 not X1.

Gran Turismo 6 looks just as good if not better.

Disagree all you like. You can't possibly justify that small of a graphical leap if any at all and call it "next-gen"

Drive Club is true "next-gen" graphics.

SOD_Delta2937d ago

Forza 5, GT6, DriveClub, and Project Cars all look good. Any true driving fan can see that. I'm looking to seeing more at E3 from all of the above.

ProjectVulcan2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Looks alright.

No wow like the first time I saw Project Gotham 3 in action back in 2005 however :-(

This is just....ok.

But to be honest, the law of diminishing returns is in full effect these days and Xbox one is only 4-5 times faster than 360, a bunch of that is already eaten up just by going from 720p to 1080p. Not to mention the fact Forza 4 is built with years of knowledge of Xbox 360 and exploits that hardware much better than Forza 5 no doubt does on Xbox one.

For example, compare Forza 2 to Forza 4. 4 is waaaaaaaay better looking on the same machine.

NioRide2937d ago

so the X1 video is in replay mode, so it doesn't look good, and then you post a video of replay mode and say its in game.

Talk about failed logic.

kingPoS2937d ago

The main difference I see is in the attention to detail. It's not just how many poly's you're pushing, but also how there being used shaded and mapped.

May the most detailed racer win...

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Mkai282937d ago

Me too, honestly I don't know why N4G even has Xbox articles. These articles go straight to the lion's den to be torn apart. Just do the fanboys a favor and make this a Sony site..

kennyg37392937d ago

I agree with you 100%, no matter what Microsoft shows tommorrow the PS fanboys is gong to here saying it looks last gen.

BurntWolfAnkles2937d ago

Change the name to News 4 Sony Gamers already, it's nauseating.

Commodore_2937d ago

LOL It's funny because it's true! Well, Microsoft asked for this. No one told them to go out and make a super restrictive console. Off with their heads!

Belking2937d ago

"These articles go straight to the lion's den to be torn apart."

ouch! That's so The fanboys here are the worst. This site is the national inquirer of gaming news.

PFFT2937d ago

EXACTLY!! All this bitching and moaning are from the fangirls that werent even gonna buy an Xbox One in the first place. Its quite sad really.

justastranger102937d ago

It's funny though. You think with all this support, Sony is doing great. But they are losing so much money every year. They've lost all the money they made on ps1 and ps2. It's kinda sad that all those years went to waste for Sony.

HammadTheBeast2937d ago

You guys are just bitter that support has greatly shifted to the PS4 rather than your preferred console.

There's a reason for that, the vast majority of people don't like bending over for Microsoft, but apparently, some people do.

Also, let's not for the past five years, when MS fan boys ran rampant on N4G. Most of them have now seen the light.

Watch this:

Even the biggest Xbox fan has to admit how messed up the Xbone is.

Dee_912937d ago

Yea some of those comments at the top are ridiculous.I was underwhelmed by the video as well, you can barely see anything with the blaring light and the low bitrate, how ever those comments are just reaching.

M-M2937d ago

I was planning on getting the next Xbox, until I saw the conference and restrictions.

loulou2937d ago

lol so true. any chance of a discussion is destroyed instantly.... and as usual the mods are nowhere to be seen.

dmarc c'mon. you know as well as i do how f'ked this site is if you aint a sony cheerleader.

i have had sony consoles isnce the begining. but because i dont throw myself on my sword for sony or it's games, or admit that ilke my xboxes. i am definately not welcome on here

2937d ago
Montrealien2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

its been like this for years on N4G, nothing new ans from the looks of It, with a new génération at its dawn, It will keep on being like this. Just try to ignore the extremist fanboys that back any consoles, its hard but trust me, its liberating.

Play the games you love, on the consoles you have. 😇

JokesOnYou2937d ago

@Mkai28, I wouldn't let it bother you, not liking Microsoft is one thing but really it just makes them look bad hating on great games.

CoolBeansRus2937d ago

Agree with Mkai28. This site is full of Sony trolls that like nothing better than to comment on MSFT articles.

TheSurg2937d ago


fully agreed.


what THE FFFF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I don't give a damn how many people support what system. I come to web sites like this to read news about games and try to make an intelligent conversation, exchange info and opinions etc BUT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE on N4G! This site became a sony marketing tool. What I've noticed also that on most of european sites this doesn't happen and people actually discuss, people from both camps. "My sh!t is better than yours and if you disagree then FU" = american way. Im not trying to generalize but clearly this site is filled up mostly with that type.

Dee_912937d ago

@loulou I totally agree with you.I'd like to think im a sony fan but some people here are just over the top like sony can do no wrong, but everybody calling anybody who says something positive about either console a fanboy only makes matters worse.

MRMagoo1232937d ago

LMAO its a giant xbone fanboy circle jerk and you guys are talking about the site only being sony fans??????

OT the game looks average so who cares forza has been trying to catch up with the GT series for years and now it has to try to catch up with drive club too lol, imagine what the game will look like compared to this bullshot stuff.

MysticStrummer2936d ago

Everyone forgets how pro-MS this site used to be.

Selective memories.

starchild2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Well I have to agree. I am a PC gamer who ONLY plans to get a PS4 as far as consoles are concerned, but I find the rabid and irrational fanboys seem to be rampant on this site and several others. It seems that whenever something truly unreasonable and outrageous is said 9 times out of 10 it is a Sony fanboy.

@ mystic strummer

Not true. I have been coming to this site since the start of the current generation and at no time were there more 360 fanboys. It has always seemed to be predominated by Sony fans. Less in the beginning, but definitely wasn't filled with xbox fanboys.

tommygunzII2936d ago

Every gaming site is like this. Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.

Montrealien2936d ago

@MysticStrummer, I've been lurking here for quite a while, and have been active on and off. And for the last 6 years, people have been saying how this place used to be pro MS. Think about that for a second, N4G has been here since what? 2006-07?

mmccarthy42936d ago

@ MRMagoo123 I'm more an xbox fan but after reading all these comments and completely agreeing with them I just had to bubble you for being freaking hilarious. I don't know if you were joking to match the comments but it doesn't matter that was funny as hell.

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andrewsqual2937d ago

I hate it when trailers say "Ingame Footage" and my reaction after the video is "I believe you, there was nothing mind blowing about that to think anything otherwise lol". And WHY do Microsoft keep releasing next gen videos at 720p?

kneon2937d ago

That may be all they can do right now, none of these are the final code so they may still need to do some tweaking to get it running smoothly at 1080p

TheSurg2937d ago

Because it makes no point to release 1080p video on youtube. It looks exactly the same as 720p. Devs said forza will be running at 60fps in 1080p.

aceitman2937d ago

Well with the fake stuff they pulled off on the 21st ,I will be Erie if anything the show will be actual gameplay or some fake stuff saying its gameplay being played of a pc. It won't be the 1st time it been done. I'm just saying since they only had been in development for 2years.

Muffins12232937d ago

Sad you got disagree...we should all be excited for games.Just cause he was excited for e3 gameplay of this dose not mean he supports xbox one.

titletownrelo2937d ago

Gran Turismo and Drive-Club say hi

popup2937d ago

Let us not forget that even though the XB1 is not as powerful as the PS4, it is still way more powerful than the 360 and Forza looked pretty good on that so I expect good things from it (although I must admit I never really liked the lighting or palette choices on Forza)

a_bro2937d ago ShowReplies(3)
Montrealien2937d ago

Yup, same here, Im getting Forza 5 and GT5, its the logical choice.

aceitman2937d ago

gt6 this gen will own forza 5 next gen. well it looks like this gen anyway just like cod ghost.

Montrealien2937d ago

Good thing I will OWN both. See what I did there 😜

Clive_Bixby2937d ago

Why would people down vote your comment? This is such a Sony Fanboy site lol

ThatCanadianGuy5142937d ago

The PR mouthpiece Major nelson "debunked" it? What else is he supposed to say?

"Yeah, we're having trouble.Sucks."

Of course not.Regardless of what Nelson says, Cboat on Gaf says it's true and even debunks Nelsons debunk.

As far as credibility and truth goes, cboat is head and shoulders above nelson.