Hey Nintendo, How About Fixing Nintendo Land's Controls? There's a billion things a Nintendo fan could ask for at this year's E3, but how about a simple patch to increase Nintendo Land's longevity?

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kirbyu1961d ago

I noticed this problem too. But if they fixed it, I don't think I'd play it any more than I do now.

herbs1961d ago

Pointless article is pointless.

Pro controller support for NSMB U is coming soon.

yugovega1960d ago

if nintendoland had online multiplayer i'm sure it would still be played by alot of people. me included.

Nevers0ft1960d ago

The only issue I can see with that is the amount of cooperation required for some of the games. I know we could all use mics, but with the pace of the games it would probably descend into chaos...

... Although I'm not sure that's a bad thing :D

Myst1960d ago

See with a lot of Nintendo games that is the beauty and fun of it! :D I also wished that it had online multiplayer to :(

gedden71960d ago

Hey what about some DLC for this game??

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