Lost Planet 2 Told A Sprawling Tale, Lost Planet 3 Focuses On Jim’s Trials

Jim Peyton is the star of the show, and is the main reason why the game has a considerable degree of, believe it or not, charm. He’s a guy who loves his wife and kid, and is on E.D.N. III to simply make as much money as possible, for said family, period.

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Donnieboi2047d ago

I beat the Lost Planet 2 with my gf in co-op mode. There was ZERO story, from what I can remember.

Still a fun game for co-op though.

jc485732047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

some story wouldn't hurt. it was a good co op game with light monster hunter element. monster hunter is still one of those games that isn't really widely accepted by game critics yet, which explains their harsh criticism towards that genre.

jdaboss2047d ago

This is make or break for Spark Unlimited.. Theyve been HORRIBLE in the past. Im surprised Capcom entrusted them with this.

ab5olut10n2046d ago

This series always struck me as extremely generic.

ironfist922046d ago

My hopes are high for this one. Loved the last two games