Buy Pulse Elite Headset; Get The Last of Us For $10

In need of an amazing headset? Looking to purchase The Last of Us next week? Well, why not do both this Friday, over at Best Buy! Best Buy’s weekly ad has a sweet deal to purchase the Elite Headset and TLoU for $159.99!

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JoGam2047d ago

Oh i will be getting this Friday. Great deal.

Skate-AK2047d ago

That is an insane deal.

smashman982047d ago

this is a great headset also comes with a headphone jack so you could use this virtually anywhere you wont find me without mine

LOGICWINS2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I used these while jogging and cracks began to form in a few weeks. They're good if ur just using them to consume media, but they are FAR from all purpose headphones. It was probably the constant bouncing up and down on the treadmill that wore the headphones out quickly.

Still, I think I got a refurbished version and they had been previously cracked. The cracks occured so quickly that there had to be prior damage. Come to think of it, once I took the headphones out of the box, there were two lines (mostly obscured but noticable) on each side. I thought nothing of it at the time, but it was at these two lines where the cracks opened up.

I would recommend them for no more than 100 bucks, given that its up in the air how long they'll last.

In case anyone was wondering, I did call Sony and they said that they couldnt do anything about it because for all they know, I caused the damage myself.

I still use them everyday after applying tape to the cracked areas but I always get that concerning sqeaky sound everytime I put them on.

Just know that if these crack on you prematurely or come in the box cracked...Sony isnt going to help you. Now bring on the disagrees since every Sony product MUST be the Alpha and Omega on N4G.

Hicken2047d ago

What makes you think they were designed for anything other than gaming?

No... nevermind. Forgot who I was talking to.

RadioPlaystation2047d ago

I don't think they were made for jogging. They are more for gaming/casual use.

LOGICWINS2047d ago

Yes, thats what I said in the beginning of my comment

"...they are FAR from all purpose headphones."

SilentNegotiator2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

You just turned a rant about gaming headphones cracking from incorrectly trying to use them for a different purpose into a rant about TEH SONI FANBOIS!

+1 trolling

grimmweisse2047d ago

Last I checked they weren't made for jogging in the slightest. How about using some of that winning logic next time!

People buy products and don't use them as intended, then bitch about it when something goes wrong.

smashman982047d ago

He was only trying to help by informing his fellow gamers no harm done

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Mookie2047d ago

I own a pair and they do hurt my ears after a hr playing and dont loose that usb adapter or ur s.o.l

Felonycarclub82047d ago

I just got mine for $100 from eBay brand new and am loving them but still this a good deal, I bought them cause I have a new born on the way, hope he doesn't come tomorrow I want to see the playstation conference. Lol

KwietStorm2047d ago

A man who knows his priorities. I can respect that.

Felonycarclub82046d ago

Well looks like my baby boy is coming tomorrow for sure but who knows if he comes now I can always watch it later family comes first but I got a feeling he is letting me watch it first then he'll come lol I might call him play

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