Redbox opens GamingFuture site to discuss rentals for Xbox One, PS4

Microsoft revealed some details of how "game licensing" works on its upcoming Xbox One console, and included the tidbit that "Loaning or renting games won't be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners." In response, Redbox has launched a site called, which is ostensibly a place for gamers to express what excites or concerns them about next-gen gaming. It should also help provide a base for Redbox to defend its $2 per night videogame rental business. Interestingly, Redbox and Microsoft would appear to already be close "partners", since the former launched an Xbox 360 app for its Redbox Instant service earlier this year.

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FrigidDARKNESS1955d ago

There will be no more rentals for next gen consooles. MS, Sony and publishers get 0% makes absolute nothing from redbox rentals.

Excalibur1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Not true, they sold the copies to be rented.
Redbox,Gamefly or whoever rents a game just doesn't magically get copies of the game out of thin air.

Foxgod1955d ago

MS is looking into ways to make their games rent able in the future.

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

Yeaaaa.......about that........

That's never happening. They've said a lot of stuff. Like "we're listening to feedback", only to confirm every rumor.

TheEvilWithin1955d ago

In the future? Doesn't sound like the NEAR future. This is just a Microsoft way of saying we will tell you what you want to hear in hopes you will forget all about it. Then drop the whole idea all together... Keep wishing fan boys. You will see...

bub161955d ago

Great idea but the website holds false statements about ps4.

Ashunderfire861955d ago

Gamefly too should put it's two seconds into this. Put pressure on Microsoft to change there policy now. Gamers unite! Tell Microsoft that we want to own!

lucidity1955d ago

Can hardly blame them. A number of services - Gamefly, Goozex, Redbox, Livefilm - are all threatened by Microsoft's policy decision. They must've been cut out of the loop to be taking so direct a stand.