New Mexico teen kidnapped over stolen Xbox claim, police say

Four people in Las Cruces have been arrested for kidnapping an 18-year-old over an alleged stolen Xbox.

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Belking2010d ago

Just more proof of why this site is

chcolatesnw2010d ago

for more proof head over to the forza 5 newest article. as soon as an ms article pops up, sonyboys get on and start bashing it to hell and back.
they say that it doesnt look even as good as GT6, which runs on 8X slower hardware...
because fu*k logic

Godmars2902010d ago

What Forza 5 article?

If you're going to pointlessly flame, the least you could do is give a link to the article.

Godmars2902010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Talk about a troll feeding frenzy...

Of course a 7th console generation title, even so late in the cycle, isn't going to look better than one from the 8th. But still there's the conviait of the footage in question being "in-game" or using in game assets rather than just being actual and honest in game footage.

Add the standard fanboy crap surrounding the two franchises to the current beating the XB1 is taking over legitimate issues, and full-blown s-storm going on over in that post is as much the fault of the Xbox fanboys defending as the PS ones attacking.

And what kind of link is that? Iphone?

Muffins12232010d ago

Why is fox news on this site?There IQ level is not high enough to post articles on here yet.

mrmarx2010d ago

if he had a xbox one they would find the suspect since the camera and mic is always on. but honestly i hope he is safe

Morgue2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

It was probably the original Xbox. But any sort of press helps.

Starbucks_Fan2010d ago

Didn't someone in Chicago kill a 6 year old girl because her father stole the shooters Playstation?

FunAndGun2010d ago

Yeah, here in Chicago you are better off staying inside and playing your games then being outside in the crossfire!

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