Bane’s Arkham Origins Look Revealed via Action Figure have spotted a publicity image for the Batman Arkham Origins action figures that gives us a first look at the game's design for Bane.

The Batman Arkham Origins Action Figures Series One line up is now complete.

Bane and the Joker join Batman and Black Mask to finish up the first wave of figures. Joker stands at 6.875” tall and Bane towers over the other figured at 8.5”.

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ShugaCane1959d ago

I thought he was wearing Spawn's mask. Well, after a quick research, I realize that this is faithful to his look in the comics. More than in Nolan's movie (I thought that Bane looked terrible, don't hate me please).

Braid1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Actually this looks a lot (and I mean, A LOT) better than both Nolan's and Rocksteady's Bane depiction. The pattern on the mask is kind of different but I loved how the commando outfit he's wearing resembles the original comic book version.

I don't want to disrespect Rocksteady but their Bane looked terrible, I daresay it almost looked just as bad as Schumacher's Bane.

Anyone who reads the comics knows that he's not an idiotic pile of muscles, and it looks like WB Montreal will get it right. Finally.

GenericNameHere1959d ago

I thought Nolan Bane looked horrible too, but I guess a giant and hulking Mexican luchadore jacked up on Venom *cough* injectable steroids! *cough* is way more ridiculous than a man in a bat suit... Just like a how a stereotypical looking Chinese man wearing 10 futuristic space rings owned by an alien dragon is presumably more ridiculous than a man in a suit made out of iron.

Deku-Johnny1959d ago

The suit's a gold titanium alloy.

Thatlalala1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Nolan's was better than Rocksteadys for sure, but this looks better than both. IMO Bane should be as smart and as tactical as Bats if not better. Bane shines through his personality and brains not just his strength.

plaZeHD1959d ago

I love Batman's body build and suit in the Arkham games. Best Batman design ever.

toxic-inferno1959d ago

I much prefer this look to Bane than his Arkham Asylum/City look. His size looks far more plausible. It's clearly they've drawn some inspiration from Christopher Nolan's version (especially in his clothes), and gone back to the root of the character as a mercenary rather than a giant ball of muscle.

Also, I like the look of the Joker in this image. The lack of a shirt and bow tie make him look fair creepier - just so long as they keep his character.

Despite initial concerns, this game seems to be shaping up to be something magnificent. Let's just hope it's as good as it looks... Looking forward to some gameplay footage.

InTheLab1959d ago

The Bane in the two previous titles is the Bane that everyone remembers from the Animated series...which is what Arkham draws most of it's inspiration from. I don't really mind the change, as Bane is a worthless character anyway. But the Joker's look...not sure I'm a fan of that.

So Bane now looks like Knightfall Bane (not that god awful Nolan movie) and the Joker looks like some dude in a Joker mask.

toxic-inferno1959d ago

Not sure I agree about the old Bane looking like he did in the animated series...


urwifeminder1959d ago

After that last terrible movie I need a bat break plus I have not finished AC yet one day so another bargin bin for me.

RBlue_Desire1959d ago

This looks great. I seriously hope that now we would have some more tactical battle against him.

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