What We're Expecting From Nintendo's E3 Direct

The team at Press Start Australia got together to discuss what they think will come out of Nintendo's E3 Direct

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DivineAssault 1956d ago

They dont have an E3 conference.. Just a nintendo direct & all there is to expect is pics & videos from the games we know are coming.. X, Bayo 2, Smash Bros, LoZ WW, Sonic for wii u.. LoZ, smash bros, sonic, for 3DS..

TRGMatt1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Nintendo Direct is still a conference though...and it IS happening at E3...and the actual article does say that it's a Nintendo Direct...cut em some slack :p

DivineAssault 1955d ago

misleading title is all. I think the article is fine

One4U1955d ago

i dont have a WiiU yet but this Nintendo Direct feature is great ! its the best way for the dev/publisher to talk directly to consumers and the future of games !

Shinobi1001955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I understand your love for Sony, DA. But use it to positively affect the PS boards, not negatively troll the Nintendo ones. I know you love being a bad guy, seeing as your icon is Skeletor, but there's a fine line between being bad and annoying.

Nearly every single Nintendo Direct ever has been full of surprise announcements. I sincerely doubt that the 1st one they've held during E3 won't have any.

akaihana86plus1955d ago

so what do you expect?!, full body massage?!, the other two do the same, videos, pics, gameplay videos, that's what is all about

JuleyJules1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

They're not doing a press conference but have the Direct and then several events, interviews, conference with retailers on marketing, gaming press as well as tons of game demo on the show floor. Also, they've already said there is info on games we know about that we've seen, others we haven't seen, Retro's game and hopefully some shocks and surprises! hopefully it's done a bit differently than other directs. One thing we do know is they're all in LA together at E3. That's one difference at least so it might flow better! In addition we can try demos at Best Buy in Canada and the USA.

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PerryCaravello1955d ago

I don't even know where to find a nintendo direct lol.

Is there a website I can watch the nintendo e3... non-conference?

They could have just held a conference tomorrow like the other two companies. No... let's make it more difficult lol.

One4U1955d ago

i havent found any so i guess its just Nintendo direct exclusive ! what i do know is that they will update their facebook and twitter as the presentation happens

gamer421955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I've seen it on Polygon, Gamestu, Ustream, Techno Buffalo, nintendolife, gonintendo, or Nintendo's youtube channel. Yeah really hard to find, it's not like there's a place where I can look up videos...

PerryCaravello1955d ago

Yeah, why do it on an E3 stage in front of the whole world lol.

Let's allow it to get lost in the mist.

Great logic haha!

dark-hollow1955d ago

And how non E3 attenders watch the conferences? Through online streams. Like this direct.

JuleyJules1955d ago

It's on Nintendo's youtube channel,,, [email protected] and many, many other sites just like all the other directs.

gamer421955d ago

"Yeah, why do it on an E3 stage in front of the whole world lol."

Are you implying the internet isn't connected world wide?

PerryCaravello1955d ago

No, an average consumers hears "E3."

1. Oh! I should GOOGLE E3.

2. Oh no, nintendo is not there... oh well, I'll continue NOT GIVING A FUCK.

3. Sony and MS are there, sweet! Streaming now!

...aaaand nintendo is lost in the mist, good luck with that lol


just-joe1955d ago

Just google Nintendo Direct, it's the first one.

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PerryCaravello1955d ago

Full disclosure. I don't own a wiiu, probably never wii... I mean "will."

Thanks you!

Xof1955d ago


It's not like I don't know where you're coming from.

But, in terms of next generation consoles, seems to me the WiiU is the least-godawful looking.

I'm not excited about buying one, but I probably will once Wind Waker and at least one other game worth buying is out on it.

akaihana86plus1955d ago

and after his full disclosure, Mr Caravella STFUed for once in his drunk life

LOL_WUT1955d ago

Don't get mad Nintendo consoles are just not his thing ;)

akaihana86plus1955d ago

@LOL WOT, so just because Nintendo consoles are not his thing he is in the right to go annoy people?!, Microsoft consoles are not my thing, and i don't go bother nobody just because i don't like them, stop defending him like if he was a little kid, it's obvious he enjoys it and you clearly know that because you do the same thing, same goes to Mika/Miku, trolling gets old very quick honey

akaihana86plus1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@Perry Caravello, hmmm, lol, not at all, just a little bit annoyed by people like you who don't ha ve good purpose on sites like this, i could understand you need the attention from people, but oh god there are limits! lol, work on your issues and then come back ok?, thank you and have a blessed day

WiiUsauce1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Then why the hell do you even click on Nintendo articles??? Jesus, the stupidity of these stupid fanboys baffles me. I own a Vita, I don't like my Vita, therefore I don't click on Vita articles! :0 Common sense, bro!! Go away!

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Xof1955d ago

Final Fantasy III (6) will show up on the Virtual Console for both 3DS and WiiU on June 20.

Dragon Quest VII 3D will be released Holiday 2013.

More SNES games to come to VC after the Unified Account System is implemented in August.


I can dream, can't I?

weekev151955d ago

Original IP from Miyamoto please. And whatever Retro is working on.

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