Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Alpha Screenshots Leaked

Some Battlefield 4 early-Alpha screenshots were leaked on Imgur today.

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littlemac2053d ago

Interesting leak, just 2 days before the Multiplayer demo! :)

aceitman2053d ago

and it looks like they are either running pc with 360 controller or 360 or xboxone , buttons are on the screen

littlemac2053d ago

It says xenon-error in this screenshot ( thats x360 hardware. But you never know.

Jayjayff2052d ago

I don't know how they're going about this, But notice the C4 is in the recon class. Is balance restore to that poor class?

alexmac2052d ago

Recon originally had C4, I think its much better than someone with a huge machine gun that can run around with c4. Having someone that cant just run out all the time with C4 is much better IMO. Probably their idea, or partially too :)

Majin-vegeta2053d ago

Yea,I gott admit that was pretty tits. Anyone know this reference??:p

majiebeast2053d ago

All from the Xbone/360 version. What a big turn around for EA, something big must have gone down between EA and Sony. Maybe thats a good thing for gamers when we know EA is the big pusher of DRM.

alexmac2053d ago

This is just the console it got leaked on, thats all.

King-Prodigy-X2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

@alexmac 2nd comment.

We'll see what EA does come Monday.

King-Prodigy-X2053d ago

It's stupid in my opinion because didn't DICE say more people were playing BF3 on PS3 than 360. I just think that Sony probably got tired of paying EA money to advertise games like NFS, BF, Fifa, & MOH for them and then EA got upset and ran back M$ like they always do.

alexmac2053d ago

More people did play BF3 on the PS3. There is a alpha version on the PS4 too, it just wasnt leaked.

thechosenone2053d ago

If that were true I don't think Demize99 would have posted this tweet.

Nafon2052d ago

Whoever gives EA more money has nothing to do with the opinions of a developer. Most of their (DICE members) twitter accounts even say that their opinions don't reflect those of DICE or EA.

littlemac2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

They are his own opinions, money still rules. Like Nafon said, EA loves money more than anything. They will completely ruin a game if it means more money. It's quite sad.

Talamak2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

I believe everyone is mistaken, what we see in these screenshots are indicative of the final/retail version of bf4 for the xbone....the graphics had to be stripped down in order to save M$ some money, and a vhs tape got stuck inside of the devkit

wellard2052d ago

LOL its not quite big enough for a VHS cassette. Im pretty sure its going to use Beta max.

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