Tekken Revolution Full E3 Trailer

Earlier today we saw a short teaser trailer confirming that Tekken Revolution was indeed real and is coming to the PS3 exclusively as a free-to-play in the coming days. Now you can watch the full 2 minute trailer that was just released.

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vishmarx1959d ago

june 11 th....boy that was quick

TheDarpaChief1959d ago

A tekken rpg esque game... interesting

abzdine1959d ago

yes that's insane, releasing 2 days after reveal i have never seen a game being released this fast before.. I just wished they released it on Vita as well cause Vita is missing games like this.

i'm not a Tekken fan i belong more to VF or Dead or Alive school but i'll DL this one.

Ace_Pheonix1959d ago

uhh... Dead or Alive on the Vita is pretty great

Muffins12231959d ago

Ughhh if its free there's a chance there going to rip you off in in-app(oops meant game!!) purchases.....Its hilarious cause this is why we hate mobile games but if its done on console then i guess its alright..some rich asshole could spend 200 dollars on this and cheat his way through or something.Maybe im wrong and you cant win your way in this game with money but im right for most games with this policy of "free to play"phh bullshit

Slade231959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

It's called the "pay to win" method for some F2P games.

HammadTheBeast1958d ago

Well for DoA it's pay money for additional characters. I expect the same here.

Although instead of the 4 for DoA we get 8-10.

DEEBO1959d ago

wow! E3 has my hole body tingly like i just drank one of my protein shakes before a workout.tekken for free!free to play is the new thang this year.MS take notes or you're greed will be you're downfall in the gaming business.

goldwyncq1959d ago

Tekken 7 as a PS4 exclusive would be awesome.

CaptainYesterday1959d ago

I'm curious if all the characters will be there or if they will be DLC or if there will be addons of any kind, either way can't wait to atleast try it out :)

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The story is too old to be commented.