What will it take for Nintendo to 'win' E3?

GameZone's Lance Liebl writes, "Despite not having a traditional press conference, this is a big E3 for Nintendo. With a struggling new console that released almost six months ago, Nintendo has to somehow pull attention away from Sony, Microsoft, and their new consoles -- the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There's only one way that Nintendo is going to be able to compete with the hype that'll come with pricing announcements, release dates, next-gen games, further clarification to all of our questions, and what the PS4 looks like (if all of that gets shown)."

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SynGamer2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Nintendo isn't even in the race this year. And I don't say that to be negative, but lets be honest: Sony and Microsoft have ALL of the spotlights and press on them this year. Nintendo launched the Wii U last fall and it's been a luke-warm reception at best. They had their chance and now it's time for some proper next-gen consoles to be revealed.

Cannot wait for Monday :D

EDIT: LOL at the negative comments. Whine all you want, but the Wii U simply is NOT "next-gen". It's essentially a PS3 + a Vita put together, both of which came out *before* the Wii U ;)

LOL_WUT2048d ago

Well said +1 I couldn't have said it better myself ;)

-Mika-2048d ago

I agree as well. The WiiU is not even on anybody radar because we already know what to expect from nintendo. A wiiU pricecut, Another mario,zelda, snash, metroid. It just the same old games and people are starting to wake up and see this.


Again great post. Im going to bubble you up. I hope you are prepared to lose a bubble or two. I learned that people on this site don't understand how to accept other people opnions that doesn't agree with the majority.

V0LT2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Outside of pretty graphics please describe your vision of "next-gen" to me and what these new systems bring that makes them so. Because its quite clear the Xbox One is many steps backwards outside of pretty graphics.

SynGamer2047d ago

Until Monday, we don't really have a clear picture, but I like what Sony is doing with the PS4, specifically the touchpad and lightbar on the new Dualshock 4. That, coupled with [proper] remote play support for PS4<->Vita, and the new PS Eye, I'm anxious to see what Sony and their first-party developers have in-store for us.

People can knock Sony and the PS3 all they want, but Sony's first-party devs brought us some amazing games this generation a system that was crippled with a lack of memory and a terrible architecture.

Also, during the February reveal, Sony briefly showed off some of the social aspects of the PS4, like allowing a friend to take over control of your game/character to assist you in a difficult section. Or dropping items that could help you throughout the game. Then there was the share button which should simplify AND speed up how we share content. Spending less time editing and uploading a video from my console to my PC, then to Youtube is a win in my book. And really, that's what this new generation boils down to: playing games and being social.

jcnba282047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

What's next gen about the PS4? Oh yes that's right who could forget about the 8GB GDDDDDDR5 RAM???


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SynGamer2048d ago

@ Mika - I couldn't care less about how many bubbles I have, but thank you. And you hit the nail right on the head with your comment: Nintendo continues to release the same games each year. Granted, they usually put a lot of effort into those games, but you can clearly see with the Wii and now Wii U that third-party support is dwindling. Nintendo clearly has a completely different audience in mind compared to Sony and Microsoft, whether they want to admit that or not.

Ck1x2047d ago

Its nice that you all are in one great circle jerk, but truth of the matter is what you guys penalize Nintendo for. Both Sony and Microsoft do the same things with their franchises, but Nintendo's are just more popular that's all... Sony needed to create many new franchises because they really didn't have any during the PS2 yrs, they relied on 3rd party exclusives for their content. To be honest, why do you guys care anyways? Its not like you plan on supporting the company if they do have a bang up e3, so all of your ranting is falling on deaf ears!

BullyMangler2048d ago

hate to burst your bubbles, but how is still having spLit-screen ps4 in the year 2013 a 'proper' next generation accomplishment?

(: nintendo wins again eh

is true . . any game on the ps3, 360, ps2 xboxDone would be a funner more hardcore IMERSIVE gaming experience on nintendos wiiU due to the gaming-pad < fact

if you disagree with me about my comment, then is because you are not being CREATEive as to how a SECOND screen > the wiiU game-pad makes any game more hardcore and makes for a next-gen feel .

properly judge the infant wiiU after this coming E3 yeh? . then we'll see which gaming company is still with the same oLd same OLD game-play mechanics < (:

LOL_WUT2047d ago

The Wii U can't even do half of what curent-gen consoles do in the year 2013 so what now?

Also the VIta and the PS4 will be able to offer the same hardcore IMMERSIVE gaming experience and it'll have the hardware to back it up as a true next-gen console. ;)

cloud03812047d ago

how is it the same as ps4 and vita
u would have to buy a ps4 and vita for about 700 dollars if the ps4 is 500 and vita is 200
wii u comes with a tablet big difference
and why cant all 3 systems do well each will have their srong points

Etseix2047d ago

@syngamer and @mika , what they say it's true
i'm not saying the wii u is or not a "next-gen" console, but let's be honest guys, we ALL KNOW that Nintendo will release games of Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Kirby, DK, Pikmin, etc, and voila~
I truly don't get surprised with that , even if they are or not good games, unlike Sony and MS ( <- MS on the beginning of Xbox360) one brand-new-fresh IP almsot every single year, damn, like it or not, Sony is the company that's helping the most in this gaming business, i hope all 3 companies reveal good stuff , and MS take back all those worng things with the xbox one, if not, hope they don't sell shet =__= only would affect gaming business

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optimus2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Actually, they don't need to do much if Microsoft continues with their policies... Sure they can bring back their zeldas, marios, metroids and kirbys but along with that and a serious price reduction they can very well take the number 2 spot easily.

All i know is if they announce a wiiU for about $150 and bring back metroid i will definitely pick it up before an xbox or ps4 this year...(there is no way i'm paying over 300 for either one).

Themba762047d ago

for microsoft to mess up even more thats what it would take.

BosSSyndrome2047d ago

I don't see how thats possible.

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