Microsoft Losing Fan Base?

With the launch of Microsoft’s next generation console it became very apparent of their intentions, and to most hardcore gamers the conference fell short. The bulky size and awkward box like shape threw most gamers for a loop, while the size of the system isn’t as important as it’s core content, this was not a good start for Microsoft’s new system.

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PSNintyGamer2055d ago

Losing the Fan base , and developing more haters. Just like Nintendo last gen, and Sony at the beginning of last gen,

Boody-Bandit2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

No doubt about it.
They lost me and most of the gamers I know.

You don't tell consumers you have to hook up a motion and voice activated camera for the console to work. Nor do you tell them they need an internet verification at least every 24 hours or all you have is a dvd player (what about vacation, or kicking back in a room that has poor wifi reception or no hardwire?). It's ludicrous. Now they're telling us our games aren't actually ours. We have to play step and fetch or we are SOL.

This whole scenario wreaks of greed and control.
MS can go kick rocks. Trust me I'm not happy about it either. I had a blast gaming on MS hardware the past decade plus and have been an XBL member since day 1. No more.

I'm tired of waiting and being shell shocked. E3 has been below mediocre since 2010. Now next gen is a multimedia device built around Kinect and all these lame restrictions?

Not for me it isn't. No way. I'm done. Peace out MS.

Pillsbury12055d ago

They lost me years ago when they started focusing on kinect and charging a fee for everything.

One4U2055d ago

here at sony , we dont like having our heads in the cloud. WE GO BEYOND ! Greatness Awaits - random fan quote

Belking2055d ago

For someone with the name Brutallyhonest, you sure do like to lie a MS haven't lost you because they never had

Boody-Bandit2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

You and the other resident trolls can kid yourself all you'd like buddy.

XBL - BoodyBandit
Knock yourself out.
Just look at my profile pic under my account. That's a triple panel setup built mostly for Forza which take 3 Xbox 360's and 3 copies of Forza to support the 3 displays. As is the Fanatec CSR Elite wheel (The Official Forza Wheel) displayed in my photo. Than come back here and tell me how I'm not an MS gamer.

Oh and my gaming facebook account BoodyBandit Gaming. Go crazy buddy. Sorry but guys like you wouldn't know the truth if bit you on the backside. Some of you so guys so desperate to defend MS regardless of what they are trying to do to this industry seriously need to WakeTF UP! Or at the very least stop trying to pretend it's only those of the opposition that are beyond frustrated with MS. It's not and you know it.

Oh, now go on some more and tell me how I'm not brutally honest.

^There's my proof. Where's yours?

Again, you were saying?

News4Noobs-2055d ago

You sir, are a true gamer. :p

gamertk4212055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

@brutally I believe you mean reeks, not wreaks. When something reeks, it is of a distasteful smell, both literally and figuratively, whereas the word wreak tends to be used in cases of bringing about a cataclysmic event, such as wreaking havoc or destruction. I suppose you could argue this would qualify as the gaming equivalent of a calamity, however it still wouldn't be used in the correct context, insofar as the manner in which the statement was made. Just thought you should know. You're welcome.

NameRemoved00172055d ago

A true gamer would have 1 PC running 3 monitors. Noob.

thechosenone2055d ago

I'm proud of my fellow gamers for not putting up with this bull. DRM must not succeed, it needs to be strangled in its crib. If Sony went the same route I'd be saying the same thing.

Boody-Bandit2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Nah. I'm just have a guy with an enabler for a wife. Only because she would rather me hang out in my gaming room instead of talking her ears off about things she has no interest in, me. ;)

I have a gaming rig (dual GTX 590s) hooked up to the displays. Actually that was the selling point to the wife for being cool about my spending such a huge chunk of change on a dedicated gaming room with triple panels. But in all honesty, per my name sake, most of my friends are console gamers. So that is where I do the bulk of my gaming.

I stand corrected. But in my lame attempt of an excuse? I was multitasking. ;)

You will find I am a rare breed on the net. In that I am truly brutally honest. Not just on the net but in life. Lying takes too much work and I'd rather those that ask for my opinion? Really want to hear it. Most people don't want to hear the truth so trust me when I tell you, most of my friends rarely ask for my opinion. ;)

MS has lost me as a gamer and in case you didn't notice. I spend quite a bit on this hobby of mine.

stuna12055d ago


My hat goes off to you! Spanking setup! Would show mines, but basement looks like wreck. Unlike you I have to share my space lol.

FAT MAN GO BOOM2055d ago


I have never seen someone ever get their ass handed to them, as when you served Belking is own ass.

Cheers to you. You spoke with truth and got called a lair. I was glad to see you show them you are not. It is an all to common occurrence on the internet. Specially when the truth hurts so much to those that wish to ignore it. Something that is oozing into the real world and it is sad. Truth can not be countered with lies so Attack the person telling the truth...

Cheers to you...

@Belking, Apologizing would be more manly than lurking in the shadows. We have all been wrong it is what we do when we are proven wrong that shows us who we really are.

If you muster an apology to Brutallyhonest, than cheers to you too... if not, than we will all know the truth.

Cheers Again Brutallyhonest...

2055d ago
sinjonezp2055d ago

@brutal, man.....I am speechless. That is actually how I think everyone feels. And to that one person who disliked, it must really suck being them.


they lost me of a period of time, but now the xbone was the final nail so to speak

Bigpappy2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

I respect honesty a lot. It is also how I choose to live my life. Like you said: it is the easiest and same time superior way of living. Lying is hard work and dishonorable. Wants you start that stuff you have a ton of worthless crap to try and commit to long term memory. With the truth, there is nothing to remember, because the truth doesn't change. It does require being sold to anyone. It is just plain and raw.

But the truth can also be just an opinion, and that is all you are really providing here. You can not know M$ true motivation for DMR. I have my own theory as to why M$ is going in the direction that is getting all of this backlash:

1) Kinect is their baby. They see it as a game changing innovation that can become a huge selling point on Xbox and PC. It is not there to spy on anyone.

2) used game policy of Xbox 360 can not work on XB1 because XB1 license does not stay with the disk, it is give when you install the game to your hard drive. They now effectively have a Digital Download model. So the physical disk is only a way to transport and install your games. so trying to sell or copy the software is pretty much useless with out also transferring the license. M$ has offered to open the license transfer free of any fees for M$. The publishers to have the power to dictate if a fee will be required. They also have a sharing system for up to ten is a home, which is also useful for tournaments and such.

3) and this is the most questionable... the DRM via 24hr mandatory internet connections. I think they are doing this for two reasons: a) their don't want people pirating games (especially pre-released games and playing them on the Xbox. They are able to prevent most illegal gamers from completing pirated games if they have to connect often.
b) The publishers are demanding more control over the used game market.

1 and 2 have my full support. 3 does not affect my use of the console in my normal day to day, but it could in the event of an internet failure or if I lost my job and had to dump my internet provider. So there is really nothing here that would make me not buy an X1. I think most 360 owners are going to go with this sentiment.

What most on the net complain about regarding M$ policy and DRM the PC community has been living with for years already with out a whimper of a complaint. It is the nature of Digital Downloaded games.

Knushwood Butt2055d ago

Personally, I'm still amazed they got away with getting people to pay for Live.

justastranger102054d ago

I don't think they will be losing fanbase but actually gain to be honest. Casuals outnumber hardcore like 100 to 1.

R6ex2054d ago

I stopped paying for that stupid Xbox LIVE and stayed on PSN 'coz its free. Money-grabbers!

JokesOnYou2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

No....if X1 has great games, xbox fans will buy a X1. Bookmark it, write it down, take a picture so we can see who was right later when X1 is selling like hotcakes and that I was spot on about how the .00001% here on n4g who scream the loudest are irrevelant vs 77+mil or whatever who are excited about X1 but couldn't be bother to type one word on the internet.

monkey nuts2054d ago

I'm in exactly the same state of mind as you brutal. Been gaming on Xbox since day 1. Won't be getting an xbone though, it'll be a ps4 and a wii u for me this time around unless Sony pull drm out of their ass's at e3 in which case ill be gaming on a single console (wii u) which I haven't done since my spectrum 48k days lol.
Gamer tag : SPACEDRAG0N

Gameratheart2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I have been a lurker for a while, I just had to make an account so I can respond to all the Xbox fanboys with their blinders still on... I was a big Xbox fanboy. For over ten years... You blind fanboys will say "you were never an Xbox player" because of what I'm about to say. What ms is doing is bs. Check in with "big brother" every 24 hours just to get permission to play what you paid for? No thanks... I'm done with them... I was not a ps3 gamer. I only game on the 360. I loved it. But, no amount of love for the 360 can make me look past what they're doing.... I'll be getting a ps4... Yes. A ps4. Sony isn't requiring a check in, they said that very clearly... If you think I don't game on the Xbox, look up my gamer tag, tonymontana530, I have almost 50,000 achievement points.... But, ill be selling my stack of 360 games and my 360, and getting the ps4. Microsoft is forcing me to do this. Loyalty is one thing, blind stupid faith, and defending a company, that's taking your rights, and invading your privacy, is something else.... Sorry for the long post, just had to get that off my chest. Sorry, since I'm new here, I don't fully get the system, so I double posted... Oops! But my point still stands. And, I did a test post, it's just a "y"... When I look at the posts, I can't see mine, why? Well hopefully this gets through... We gamers need to band together and tell ms, and any other companies that we will not stand for this kind of treatment!

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JsonHenry2055d ago

They've pretty much lost me.

auragenz2055d ago

Who will cry for the used game pirates?

2055d ago
The_HarryEtTubMan2055d ago

I was a massive 360 fanboy. I honest-to-God enjoyed it so much more than my PS3. I really couldn't be any more disgusted with the garbage they are trying to pull with the Xbox One. It's pure evil and absolute greed. Has anyone seen the recent leaks of all the data the NSA and intelligence community has been collecting without your consent? Did anyone see who the FIRST company was they began mining data from back in 2007? Microsoft. If you are truly ignorant enough to get raped and give up everything because they show a few cool games at E3, go ahead. PS4 looks much better than the PS3 IMO, I'll definitely be going that direction from now on. If people purchase the Xbone, next gen it will be even worse.

JsonHenry2055d ago

It was the same for me. I LOVED my Xbox360 while my PS3 only collected dust until and uncharted game came around. But this next gen I find myself wanting only the PS4 and the thought of owning an X1 leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

mydyingparadiselost2055d ago

I completely agree with you but M$ is only the first out of the Prism project to be monitored. Before that it was AT&T back in 2002, PBS did a Frontline about it talking about how the entire internet was being sent through this one room with access only being given to one government agent.

RiPPn2055d ago

It's so funny to hear people say their PS3 was collecting dust. Because unless for the last 4 years you have been playing halo, gears, forza, or fable, you have been playing multiplats. Which means you could have been playing the same games on the PS3 but you chose the 360 version. Which to be fair isn't the problem of the console. Just sayin.

TheItalianStallion2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Don't know about anyone else but I am loving all these new features of the Xbox 1. They are releasing my favorite game series of all time, Forza, at launch, can't ask for anything more than that. I have no problem with the spot check feature because I have connection to the internet 24/7. The install and forget about the disc feature is what I have always wanted in a console. Now I can go anywhere, log into any xbox 1 and continue to play my game library. Everyone from their Grandmama to their 5 year old kid have a smartphone these day, smartglass will make the spot check seamless for those 0.01% that don't have a wifi connection handy. There will be an app that will synchronize Xbox 1 and your cell phone and takes less than 2 seconds to spot check for authentication. Simple solution. Xbox fan for life.

C-Thunder2054d ago

Look at this guys profile. Just joined this month. Didn't even bother to make up the rest of his profile data. Another paid shill for Microsoft.

JBallerX2054d ago

@ TemplarDante I think so! Account created less than a day ago, and has a TON Of comments out. That's funny.

JoySticksFTW2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )


Join date: 08 Jun 2013 (21h ago)


Seriously, how much is MS or that PR firm paying you to stab "fellow" gamers in the back?

We're going to see a lot more of this crap this year as we get closer to launch.

TheItalianStallion2054d ago

Why are you guys up in my business? Yes, I joined like 24 hours ago and all my messages are positive for the Xbox, that is my preference and with any common sense, you know Sony will have the same DRM restrictions from publishers. Hint, EA dropping online passes, Fifa, battlefield, NBA 2k14, and even COD Ghost is not on Wii U. I buy games that I like and I like games like Forza and Halo on Xbox side more than any Sony exclusives. If you guys don't like it, I can care less. After E3, the spinning will begin for why DRM on PS4 is good for publishers and gamers and I can't wait and see the meltdown here on N4G. I already accepted that Games, just like music, movies, and books, are going all digital and DRM is part of the process, either you get with the program or play with a Wii U as both the PS4 and Xbox 1 will have similar DRM scheme.

JoySticksFTW2054d ago

Whatever Sony does, you're still disgusting.

You're the same guy spouting off the "virtues" of xbone, while making it sound even more crappy.

Like the way you say, "you can even tether it to your smart phone to check in!!111!! :D Yeah!! ;D"

Who the heck wants to actually do that in a console? A home console in which one of it's main attributes should be convenience?

I was one of the people that said I was interested in what xbone had to offer. But if OMGtethering is your PR team's great argument for your system, Xbone is in more trouble than I thought.

I just hope MS realizes people like you actually make their system look more pathetic, and worse desperate.

THEDON82z12054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Get yo P.R. A$$ out of here, I am sick of microsoft [email protected]!!!!!!!

sAVAge_bEaST2054d ago



mICROsOFT Reputation Management.M$ rm, mS rEP MGMT


mICROsOFT Reputation Management.M$ rm, mS rEP MGMT


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Psn8002055d ago

The end is nigh Ms because you can not treat your fans like a never ending wallet on tap your a disgrace to the industry as soon as you go the better for what you are trying to do to gaming .

otherZinc2054d ago

M$ has lost nothing, I'm buying 3. For myself, son and daughter.

2054d ago
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Qrphe2055d ago

That's what anti-consumer policies get you, however the actual concern is will it lose enough?
If the consumer allows this there probably is no turning back in the industry.

just-joe2055d ago

Sadly, I can see people willing to get screwed over just to play the new Killer Instinct, if rumors are true.

Qrphe2054d ago

The same things were said before the PS3 released, every analyst and enthusiast was expecting to have everyone buy into Sony's strategy and it didn't happen.

RGDubz2055d ago

X-Box One DRM = -31 million users that don't play 360 online as is.

That's around 45% of X-Box's current install base.

So I'd say.. Yes.

Rusty5152055d ago

Imagine all the kids who don't know about this and ask their parents to get the xbone for them for Christmas. (And those kids were part of the 31 million who didn't have xbox live) Microsoft is gonna have A LOT of complaints.

Agent_00_Revan2055d ago

Those are the ones I feel bad for. They need to be informed.

tracyllrkn2055d ago

Just because they sold 77 million doesn't mean 77 million people are playing Xbox exclusively. Some people who have a PS3 bought a 360 and don't even get on there. They probably bought Xbox Live
Gold just to see how online is or something. I would say they have like 30 million on Xbox Live who play a lot, and they would probably lose like 2 to 5 million people.

MysticStrummer2055d ago

Maybe I'm not understanding your point, but I have two questions.

What difference does it make if they played XBox exclusively or not?


How did you come up with 2 to 5 million lost customers?

Going by your numbers, if 30 million regularly use XBL that leaves nearly 50 million who don't. The One requires an internet connection to function, so your 2 to 5 million lost customers estimate makes no sense to me.

Heavenly King2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

they have screwed pretty much all south america, middle east and asia with their Used games policy; so yeah they are fu(ked.

SonyPS42055d ago

Xbox is popular nowhere outside the US and some of Europe. MS might as well forget about Japan, even though they have much more reliable internet than we do.

It is really MS that is screwed.

just-joe2055d ago

Which is funny seeing they seem to want to focus strictly on North America.

SonyPS42055d ago

That is because it's the only leg they have to stand on.

qxrex2055d ago

In Middle east the ratio of playstation console is 4:1 to microsoft and nintendo console combined

2055d ago
brich2332055d ago

Yes they are. I been with Xbox Live since 2006. Playstationg 4 seems to me like its going to be more appealing next gen. TV Sports, Call OF Duty and DRM are not my thing. I'm just not thier target demographic anymore. Oh and, Call of Duty has a dog. "Francis Discusses the Xbox One Reveal" (Youtube that and watch the whole thing, u wont regret it)