What We Want In Sony's E3 2013 Press Conference

AMHNetwork have published their list thing things they want from Sony's E3 Presser. Agree with their thoughts?

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DivineAssault 1956d ago

just show great exclusives, dont put any restrictions on us, surprise us with great features, & give us a launch date/price

unchartedxplorer1956d ago


Commandar_Shepard1956d ago

BLOW US AWAY STIG!!!!!!!!!!!! (And Team ICO)

LOGICWINS1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

1) Multitasking, something that was horrid on the PS3 due to limited RAM. I want to be able to watch Netflix while having games download in the background. And for godsakes, let me change my system settings while in game.

2) A better more stable browser that supports more codecs and won't crash on me when I'm watching tv shows online.

3) An overhauled Home streamlined home with no loading between areas and more life-like character models

4) Gaikai versions of PS Plus titles are offered free of charge to PS Plus members who have redeemed these titles in the past.

5) Every digital PS3 title playable on the Vita anywhere you have a Wi-fi/data connection.

6) Vita memory card prices are cut in half worldwide

7) Vita price stays the same, but will now include a game and a 16GB memory card in every box

OrangePowerz1956d ago

That they say what their planes are for DRM, used games and if it does the same online check as Xbone.

Besides of that lots of games foe PS4 and Vita.

LOGICWINS1956d ago

Sonys for damn sure gunna have DRM to an extent, but it won't be to the level that Microsoft is proposing with the Xbox One. If Sonys proven anything with the PS4, its that they know how to learn from their own failures and the failures of others.

OrangePowerz1955d ago

Thats why I want them to say what and how they do it so I know if I should start saving money or not :)

GreenRanger1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Spend as less time possible talking about PS Move and things that have already been shown.

This conference needs to mainly be about the PS4 and the Vita.

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