Top 10 Rarest NES Games

Dean Vella (Nizulo) writes: "The Nintendo Entertainment System was the savior of the gaming industry in its day. Without it and the masterminds behind the console, gaming would be very different today. But we’re not here to talk about its glorious history or its sheer 8-bit awesomeness, we’re hear to discuss the rarest games in its library. The NES provides rarities by the dozens, so let’s dive in."

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MikeyDucati11960d ago

ha, I remember Little Samson!

Bloomy1959d ago

Man, I wish I kept all my old NES games. Hell, I wish I kept all of my old consoles and games. SMH. Excuse me, I'm off to uppercut myself...

On a more related note: great list! half of the games on that list, I didn't even know existed.