The Xbox One is the Greatest Disappointment In Gaming History

Malik: "With the recent announcement of Xbox One's Internet and Licensing's almost safe to say the title rings true."

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Enemy1958d ago

Lmao holy sh*t that was good.

US8F1958d ago

I couldn't stop laughing

Dee_911957d ago

ps4 button share dat
He spoke the truth though. what a majority of people think.

darthv721957d ago

in all seriousness, the distinction of greatest disappointment would have to go to the phantom.

either that or the jaguar. and I have a jaguar so I speak from experience.

DragonKnight1957d ago

@darth: No no, that distinction goes to Virtual Boy. Come on now, you know it's true.

Andreas-Sword1956d ago

Here are two interesting videos about Xbox One:

Both videos are pretty interesting!

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MeatheadMilitia1958d ago

We are glad you enjoyed it :)

I just really hope someone makes a video defending it, I would love to hear what that person has to say.

LOGICWINS1957d ago

Damn Truth, where u been?! Last time I saw one of your vids was in 2011 lol.

MRMagoo1231957d ago

Even if someone makes a video reply you know its wont be the truth itll be lies from the get go. there is no way anyone could defend all this BS truthfully.

Boody-Bandit1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

That was a GREAT video.
I literally LMAO!

Mostly because it is exactly how I feel about this abomination MS is trying to pass off as a gaming console.

Grave1957d ago

I agree. I have PC, PS3, and X360 and love them all, but I will NOT even consider getting this POS. period. end of story.

RedHawkX1957d ago

yeah it was good. and lol at the xbox fanboys who said wait untill the xbox one reveal and guess what all the rumors were true so xbox fanboys need to be silent and stop trying to give ms more chances. its over you said wait and we did and the info of all the rumors were true so sorry you lost bros. ps4, pc, wii u, and handhelds is what im getting and is the smart choices.

_QQ_1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Ive never even owned an MS console nor will i be getting an xboxone but i think people are taking it too far, if you don't like it don't buy it, Honestly Always online shouldn't be a problem unless you are too poor to afford a decent Internet connection, if that is the case, stop playing games and find a better job.Fanboys just love going crazy over these kinds of things, as for the DRM sony will probablyhave near the same stuff, MS said they were going to show games at E3 so at least let them mess it up at E3 before saying they failed,Honestly i don't see how Xbox Fans can find anything wrong with the Xbox one other than the used games issue which PS4 will have to some degree too. Whenever MS, Nintendo,or some PC developer make even a slight mistake, Sony Fanboys try to make it look like the end of the world.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1957d ago

"The Xbox One is the Greatest Disappointment In Gaming History"

or the fact that they turned down a new killer instinct.

Either way same company.

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Tee7soo1958d ago

i disagree, i think xbox one will surprise everyone at E3 with its capabilities and games.

PirateThom1958d ago

Microsoft haven't surprised anyone at E3 for the past 4 years... unless by "surprise" you mean "disappoint".

Dee_911957d ago

by surprise he means rephrase all of the restrictions to sound less restrictive.

Boody-Bandit1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Do you think it's possible for MS to top the disappointment of the realization of Kinect (Skittles, where are yah boy? Dance, dance with Usher - shovel ware crap) vs the perceived expectations of what Natal (Milo and the ability to use this futuristic amazing device with hardcore games) was suppose to be? Just more smoke and mirrors from MS. Nothing a ton of money thrown at marketing and PR wouldn't take care of. More of MS and their bean counter approach to business.

I literally almost smashed my 360's with a sledgehammer June 6 E3 2011. I haven't look at my 360's the same ever since. ;)

Yes, the XBOX ONE is even worse.
I wouldn't use one if it was given to me.
MS can go kick rocks.

Agent_00_Revan1957d ago

I don't know. I was genuinely Surprised when Usher got on stage, when they got those kids to play Kinectimals, when they got those dude man bros to watch ESPN, and when they let Peter M spout off crap about the last Fable and even Milo.

Because I didn't think a company with that much power and influence could fall that far from grace.

dedicatedtogamers1958d ago

I agree with Tee7soo, not so much the capabilities but the games.

MS has money. They will money hat (like they always do) and show off a million trailers for a million games (even if those games are multiplat, even if those trailers are "target renders", even if those trailers are faked).

The real question is this: when Microsoft drops the bomb (and they will), is everyone going to magically forget all of the bad stuff that goes with the Xbox One?

I'm genuinely curious to see how many so-called "journalists" will do a 180.

Mr_Nuts1957d ago

They will only use games to try and make people forget about the anti consumer things they are doing and to make people forget they are basicaly giving up their rights/freedo/Privacy m with the new Xbox.

After the games they have to show release they'll revert right back to what they've been doing this gen.

cyguration1957d ago

"Journalists" do a 180?

LOL, dude are you mad? Journalists aren't even that livid or anti-Xbox One at the moment. Many are trying to "reason" it out or find ways to spin the news.

Next week we'll see the fruits of their weekend thought-labors on how to convince people that the "Xbox One isn't that bad". They'll go pro-Microsoft regardless of what MS shows...they can't abandon the Doritocracy or disappoint the Dorito's their life blood.

The only thing E3 will do is get "smaller" or middle-tier sites to switch stances from spreading hatred and community vitriol to saying "Well uh, the DRM ain't that bad...but did you see dem gaems, guyz?! Amirite?! Amirite?!?!?"

dedicatedtogamers1957d ago

@ cyguration

There are some bigger journalists who are speaking out. Maybe not Geoff Keighley, but people like Adam Sessler, Jeff Gerstman (Giant Bomb), Stephen Totilo (Kotaku), and a bunch of internet celebrity gamers (Angry Joe, Annoyed Gamer, HipHopGamer, Francis, etc). The American journalists are being a bit more neutral...

...but once you start looking at Eurogamer, EDGE, and gaming sites in Japan, that's where the REAL outrage is going on, completely unfettered.

cyguration1957d ago

I always thought Angry Joe and internet stars are more niche?

I will grant you Sessler and Gertsmann.

Scratch HipHopGamer, I didn't know he was still around.

But I will give you Eurogamer (they had a great piece) and Edge.

The Americans don't want to dog the Xbox maybe because they're afraid of MS?

But the problem is that the XB1 is aimed at AMerican audiences first and if American media isn't dogging it now it's highly likely they'll ride that attitude up to launch.

But I sure hope that you're right about non-Amurr'can journalists keeping the heat on them because it's likely anyone signed up with the Doritocracy will keep downplaying the issues or promoting the exclusive games.

RedHawkX1957d ago

there is no way ms can announce more and better exclusives games then whats coming out on the ps4, wii u, and pc. ps4 already announced more exclusives then ms has and e3 hasnt even happend yet. Also sony and nintendo and pc all have better devs then microsoft. look at naughty dog 2 games with 96% on metacritic and they are different ips. sony santa monica with god of war 3, little big planet 95% metacritic. mario galaxy, zelda etc. ms also will have the inferior mutliplats. im trying to see why some people are trying to get an xbox one or better yet trying to avoid better alternatives.

xDHAV0K24x1957d ago

Regardless of how many games they show, ppl still wont be satisfied. Cant win. Fuck it. WiiU/3DS/X1 for me. Dont like it? Dont buy it.

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KwietStorm1957d ago

Well it'll definitely surprise everyone I'll give you that.

Flyingdog6701957d ago

I've brought my expectations for Microsoft at E3 this year really low. I'm not expecting much from them, but I hope they prove me wrong!

pompombrum1957d ago

Well I think Microsoft have got the surprising people down perfectly.. one might just say they're masters of surprise. Sadly, it's a surprise gamers don't want.

LackTrue4K1957d ago

xbox owners yearly warcry..."WAIT FOR E3!!!"

iNFAMOUZ11957d ago

sony owners yearly warcry...."THIS IS SONYS YEAR...FAILS"

CEOSteveBallmer1957d ago

Coming from a helghast avatar so ironic. And "No" im Pro Sony Don Mattrick should have listened to me. I have Windows OS to deal with, the console biz is their mess can't argue with a bunch of shareholders.

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FrigidDARKNESS1958d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Video has nothing to do with gaming at all very fanboyish.
Very funny video tho.

GreenRanger1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

The Xbox One doesn't have anything to do with gaming either.
All I saw at the reveal was TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV....and a little dog.

Bluepowerzz1957d ago

get em green ranger he gon turn into some big monster now get ready for round 2 get dat zord out.

wenaldy1957d ago

fanboy calls fanboy, derp!

RTheRebel1957d ago

The Curse Of The 3rd Console

MegaLagann1957d ago

Wait a minute, you're right

Nintendo 64: Nintendo's third console, great first party support but outside of Rare there wasn't much third party support. Was expect to sell 50 million, only sold around 30. Was the start of Nintendo's struggle with third parties.

Sega Saturn: Sega's third console (if you don't count the SG1000 and SG2000) Amazing success in Japan with a lot of first and third party games. Bombed everywhere else due to Sega's incompetence, started Sega's downfall.

Playstation 3: Great variety of games, but because of costly R & D, slow launch and the hacking incident, Sony lost billions.

Xbox One: know.

Oh my're right.

Foxhound9221957d ago

Well that escalated quickly...