E3 2013 Predictions: Sony's Conference

The GP staff make their predictions for what Sony will be announcing at their pre-E3 2013 conference.

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GamersWin2010d ago

Predictions, same old shit. Gonna show same games, maybe new uncharted. WOW

nothing special

Enemy2010d ago

Anyone trying to stop this train is going to get crushed.

Maninja2008d ago

God dammit, accidentally hit agree. I disagree, they have tons of ps4 games, and the console itself, to announce and show off so it is something special

Soldierone2010d ago

They better come out with hard facts about stuff they are vague about. Is there a used game policy or not? Don't say "its up to other people," its YES or NO. Period.

also, talk more about what Vita will be doing with PS4.

Ashlen2010d ago

They have been pretty clear.

No internet required. And games are not tied to your PSN account.

If there is enforced DRM it will have to be done by the publisher.

Basically it's the same as this gen.

Soldierone2010d ago

To what extent is it up to the publishers? If MS is restricting it, then Sony has to give them some sort of option that is console based.

So what exactly is "up to the publishers." Can they do keys like PC games? Or what?

Skips2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

"To what extent is it up to the publishers?"


You could already say publishers could've blocked used games on the PS3 and 360 if they wanted to. But it would be a stupid idea considering the absolutely HUGE chunk of people who aren't connected to the internet. Millions upon millions.

The Xbox One NEEDS INTERNET to even play OFFLINE games. Everybody who owns an Xbox One WILL NEED to be connected. PS4 DOES NOT. Millions upon millions of people who own a PS4 won't be connected. Just like the PS3. So why in the world would publishers want to alienate millions upon millions of people??? lol

"If MS is restricting it, then Sony has to give them some sort of option that is console based."

That's just it. Microsoft THEMSELVES are restricting it. While Sony has said on numerous occasions that used games will be playable ANYWHERE on the PS4.

That combined with the PS4 not needing an internet AT ALL. And can be played COMPLETELY OLD SCHOOL, how in the world will DRM work???

Agent_00_Revan2010d ago

That's the one thing I've been worried about. One time keys could be their true way of blocking used games. It didn't happen this gen because not everyone may have done it.

But if Microsoft has the restrictions it currently has, then its not too far fetched for publishers to take this route given Sonys stance on the online connection and free reign for publisher DRM.

Goro2010d ago

i hope AC3 is not alot much better that of off E3 or pirates will me let down

showtimefolks2010d ago

Yakuza 5 coming to west along with yakuza 1-2 hd collection

Shenmue 3 along with first 2 in HD collection

Last guardian
Successor to deon soul if not a direct sequel

Santa Monica's new IP

Show more of drive club

Show playable demo for GT6

Demo for infamous

Ready at Dawn's new game

Goro2010d ago

If Yakuza 5 was announced for the west, that alone would be enough for me to make this the best E3 ever

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