Who's Lucas Kellan?

Is Lucas Kellan a Character you play in a Killzone Shadow Fall?

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One4U1956d ago

ign spotted this right after the reveal in feb

gijsbrecht1956d ago

Eh, yes. Isn't this common knowledge already ?

Tacticismro1955d ago

Yes I know i'm just telling people to get hyped for this game!

Mr_Nuts1955d ago

I hope he looks different from the typical bald headed space marine/soldier whatever

Make him stand out and keep him around for the full new trilogy.

wenaldy1955d ago

I hope Colonel Hakha and Shadow Marshall Luger are back, but the gap between timeline on the original Killzone and Shadow Fall is too wide.. Maybe they are old now.

dragonyght1955d ago

yeah Hakha might already be died at this point -_- as for Luger i think she might be your commander since you will be playing as a shadow marshall

Neoprime1955d ago

I hope we see a little Sev & Rico as well and see how they turned out.

_QQ_1955d ago

@Neoprime, please no more Rico he is such a terrible character.

dragonyght1955d ago

Sev & Rico will be probably were executed or rotting in a cell for their war crime

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