Saints Row IV official System Requirement announced

BehindGames Writes: Saints Row IV official System Requirement announced on the game' s official page on Steam, Saints Row IV planned for August 23 release on PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

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andrewer1957d ago

"Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (4 * 2500 MHz) or AMD Phenom 9850 (4 * 2500 MHz)
Video Card: Radeon HD 5850 (1024 MB) or GeForce GTX 260 GTS (1024 MB)"
Ahh, so that's a PS3 rofl

Undrey1957d ago

He meant he can play it on the PS3.

2pacalypsenow1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

You can play it just fine on a Ps3 with that has a geforce gtx7800 and 512 mB of ram . it wont look as pretty but some people don't care much for it and thats fine

Corpser1957d ago

And play the game like in low-mid setting on pc? No thanks

Corpser1957d ago

It's no surprise to find out then, that the PC version then is easily the one to go for if you've got access to a fairly decent computer set-up. The vastly reduced pop-up, extra clarity, better edge smoothing and superior frame-rates makes ploughing through Steelport's underworld goons far more enjoyable.

JonnyBigBoss1957d ago

Bingo. But remember most of the gamers here are console gamers. They have no idea how many benefits PC gaming has.

brodychet1957d ago

Graphically looks exactly the same; doubt it'll be much larger in terms of scale and content.

Not surprised much at all.

porkChop1957d ago

It's an extremely rushed game so I'm not surprised that it's pretty much the same as SR3 spec-wise. Started off as DLC and turned it into a full game. It's literally built on SR3. Greedy, lazy devs.

rextraordinaire1957d ago

That's not necessarily a bad thing. When something's not broken, why fix it?

Plenty of sequels were built on the exact same engine as their predecessors, yet managed to improve the details, and often, the quality is in the details.

Take Person 4. Basically, it's the same game as Persona 3. Yet some improvements here and there made it the superior brother.

Take Disgaea: They've been using the exact same system in every game, yet each one brings it's own details that make it worth playing, even if one's already put well into the 100 hours in each chapter before.

Take Borderlands 2. Overall, not much has changed since the first one, yet some new colors here, new enemies there and the game felt way better than the first one.

Or Katamari Damacy: That's the exact same mechanics everytime, yet it's always as charming as it ever was.

Not every game has to push a consoles specs to overheat in order to be worthwhile.

CrossingEden1957d ago

perfect example, take Assassin's creed revelations and compare that to AC1

Summons751957d ago

yeah something that was originally meant to be an add on but during development just grew big enough to justify a game = laziness....good logic there. I pray you don't do anything creative in your life because it will be short with a lack of quality.

porkChop1957d ago

When SR4 releases it will have had the shortest development cycle of any SR game to date. It's coming out under 2 years (only 21 months) after the previous game, and the DLC began development a couple months after SR3 was released. On top of that, the decision to turn it into a full-fledged game only came early-mid last year.

The game has had nowhere near enough time to develop a proper, sufficient sequel. They're purposely rushing the game out the door before GTA V, rather than delaying the game and giving it the proper dev time it needs. So yes, to me that = laziness and greed.

aliengmr1957d ago

Yeah, how dare they use the same engine. When your publisher is going over a cliff its the perfect time to build a new engine.

Because really, no successful games use the same engine, that's just silly.

porkChop1957d ago

You know, your comment might have made sense if I had said anything about an engine. But I didn't.

aliengmr1957d ago

I'm not the one whining about a game I haven't played and a dev cycle I wasn't a part of.

r211957d ago

Well, there goes any chance of me playing it on my laptop. It doesnt even reach the bare minimum! :C