PushStartPlay: The Price of PC Gaming= $2500+…?

These days gaming is an expensive hobby. From Alienware computers beginning at $999 to the PS3 being released at around $700 in its day, gamers have had to grow accustomed to paying much for the brand new stuff. Now we have Razer, a company that specializes in building excellent gaming peripherals for the hardcore PC gaming market, who seems to want to break Alienware’s record for the most expensive gaming systems on the market. Their contestant for that title? The Razer Blade.

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Razputin2047d ago

Alienware and Razer?!?! Seriously.

You obviously know nothing of PC gaming.

Lets start with some midrange manufacturers of good PC Gaming Systems; CyberPowerPC, IBUYPOWER.

Now lets go to real heavy hitters like Origin and DigitalStorm who offer gaming PC ranging in the 5-10,000 range.

Alienware makes low quality high priced garbage, trust me I bought one. Ever since the Dell take over in 2009 Alienware brand went to garbage, they don't even offer their Area-51 system anymore - the full tower alternative to the Aurora.

And Razer quality control is none at best. I bought their BF3 Imperator mouse, it failed within a few months, and I bought the 7.1 Tiamat headset, and the mic is of the utmost horrendous quality. The audio was great, but for a gaming headset, you need something better than the one wire soldered crap produced by an infant in China, that they called a microphone.

Allsystemgamer2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Uh....... Who the hell buys a branded PC for gaming? The Alienware builds are like 40% markup....

IF your getting a laptop for gaming go with a custom built sager....much better quality, cheaper and more efficient. I just ordere one for 2100 with dual gfx 8970s....needed it for school (video editor/Sfx) so I added a second card for $300 so I could game between classes as my tower can't come to class with me.

Cheaper laptops are also more than enough to game with these days.