European Weekly Hardware Chart 1/07/13

PS3 58,651 (+2%)
3DS 42,009 (+5%)
X360 40,034 (-2%)
PSP 23,245 (+2%)
Wii 12,762 (+1%)
PSV 9,732 (-0%)
WiiU 7,351 (+14%)
DS 1,434 (+5%)

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Tee7soo2051d ago

The ps3 is really doing well in Europ, great sales overall for this weak.

FamilyGuy2051d ago

Wow, comparing this to the U.S. charts and Europe is buying a lot more in general. 30-50% more.

hakis862051d ago

I can't believe the PSP actually outsells the PS VITA that much... whyy?? How?? Spinning discs in a handheld, people?? A litte dated?

Get a Vita, it's a great device!

Hicken2051d ago

That reported difference of being 8.5k behind this past week in the US is more than negated by the Europe numbers.

That's what confuses me, though: it's been like this for years, for most of the generation, and yet VGChartz has always maintained the same lead. Then, suddenly, they finally admitted PS3 was ahead.

I won't say that these numbers are any more factual than they ever have been, but inaccurate or not, they've definitely shown something many have tried to deny for years.

Knushwood Butt2051d ago

The guy that runs it is a big MS fanboy.

Maybe he's not so impressed with the new Xbox...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

ps4 will outsell xbox one in EU jan- march 2014 sales.

sony +2.
M$ - 2.

MisfitsInc2051d ago

congrats to the WiiU in Europe

LOL_WUT2051d ago

I honestly thought it was going to sell better didn't it get a sales boost after the X1 reveal? ;)

Firan2051d ago

Gotta wonder how PSP still sells so much.

SexyGamerDude2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I'm wondering how the DS is still selling.

Firan2051d ago

I'd hardly call that selling lol.

kratos_TheGoat2051d ago

ps vita lol sony needs to drop the price

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The story is too old to be commented.