The Vita does indeed have an identity, you just never realized it

One of the most prominent complaints that have hit the Playstation Vita (and the Playstation Portable as well) is that the handheld have no identity of its own. Both the Vita and the PSP have been seen as mostly side story machines, getting side story and alternate versions of their home system counterparts. But despite that, it actually does have an identity of its own. The only problem is, most people never bothered to realize it.

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a_bro1962d ago

Im on dat Midnight Channel... having such a good time with Persona 4

dedicatedtogamers1962d ago

I'm in love with my Vita. I'm not saying that it has every single game that every single gamer wants to play (it certainly has its flaws) but I love it. To be fair, I love my 3DS too. I guess I'm just a big handheld gamer.

Shinobi1001962d ago

Go handheld or go home. Nuff said

PirateThom1962d ago

I think it's a great indie platform.

Kingthrash3601962d ago

I think its the LeBron James of gaming systems....its the best machine but people constantly nit pick deny its greatness by comparing it to consoles.

edwineverready1962d ago

I have one but it is collecting dust. Once i have my ps4 and i can play ps4 games on my vita i will not let it leave my hands.(will be using it during my nightshift)

porkChop1962d ago

You can only stream PS4 games to Vita locally using Remote Play. You can't leave your house and stream the game through WiFi.

edwineverready1962d ago

damn so what is the piont then? Maybe if i had a fight with girl and i have to sleep in the upstairs room i can use remote play ps4 games :)

PrimeGrime1962d ago

Please don't misinform others if you honestly do not know how Remote Play works.

Remote Play does work over WiFi. I would know I use it all the time for Tokyo Jungle, I play it in a completely different city from where my PS3 even is.

AfterThought1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

There has been no real confirmation from Sony that it is local Wi-Fi only. I think what people are getting confused is them saying it uses your Local Wi-Fi to send the game from the PS4 to the PS Vita. There is no proof that it only uses Local Wi-Fi.

There is no reason it will not work better than the PS3 and the PS3 can do that, you can turn it off and on remotely from within the country anywhere with a internet connection. I would not know about internationally as that seems like pushing it.

Here is an actual quote from Shuhei Yoshida on the PS4's remote play. I want you to notice what he says carefully. I'll give the link too.

“The Remote Play side will work. So we’re saying virtually every PS4 game will be playable with PS Vita via Remote Play, so you connect your Vita to your PS4, especially at home, it’s a great experience.”

Notice the "especially at home" part.

That obviously means it can in fact be played elsewhere but the best experience will be at home of course. That is a no brainer.

@HakatoX Do you have any official information that goes against what Shuhei said because this is what the President said himself which leads me to believe it works the same as on the PS3. Dealing with lag is going to happen no matter who or where you are. You could be using your own local Wi-Fi and still experience lag if you have slow net. So it makes no sense to me why the PS4 would be limited to that instead of simply giving the same options the PS3 can.

If there is anymore official information that specifically states it is Local Wi-Fi only from Sony themselves. Please share it.

HakatoX1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

the vita has no copy and paste. eurogamer has a great amount of technical detail on why the ps4 is local only.

@porkchop. yes, even the ps3 has remote power

AfterThought1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

@porkChop Here I wanted to post this link also to give you a better idea of what I mean.

This is better explained in the PS Vita's manual.

I actually learned just now from that manual it even works overseas. So that leads me even further into believing what Shuhei said. The PS4 will work better than the PS3, the PS3 wasn't even made to do these things with the Vita in mind yet they accomplished it.

I really cannot understand why the PS4 would not be able to and as I said there is nothing that actually states from anyone at Sony that it does only use local Wi-Fi.

@ HakatoX Eurogamer is not Sony though they can speculate all they want but unless they have actual confirmations from someone at Sony then why would you believe what they say? Shuhei kind of hinted that it will be able to be accessed outside your home.

I understand Remote Play is not going to be perfect for everyone either and their net speeds. I can understand why Eurogamer would make those speculations but the PS3 can and to me that is proof enough that the PS4 can. Not including the fact Shuhei pointed out the experience is better at home. Meaning it can be used in other places besides your home.

I mean why would he even say "especially at home" if it can only be used at home?

I actually have a friend who asked him on Twitter so hopefully I can get back to you for a more direct response to this question. If he answers back that is which is unlikely but hopefully.

I know regardless the PS4 can work the same if not better than the PS3 can. As someone pointed out we are not including Gaikai into the mix which will greatly help with that as well.

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PrimeGrime1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

He is wrong. Don't worry.

Remote Play works over WiFi. Don't believe me try it, you can access your PS3 from anywhere with a WiFi connection on your Vita.

Like I said in the previous post I actually use it quite often to play Tokyo Jungle on my Vita. Sometimes when I visit our vacation house in another city I use Remote Play there also.

You can access your PS3 anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection.

The thing that might happen is you may run into a place that doesn't have the proper WiFi to be able to do so, as some work places have firewalls that screw with everything but other than that it works just like I described.

If you can mess with your work places WiFi and change settings it shouldn't even be an issue at all no matter where you are. Better yet if you just use a hotspot on a 4G phone you don't even need to worry about that.

porkChop1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Hmm, I always remembered remote play only being local. Guess I was mistaken. Looks like I'll be taking my Vita everywhere with me when I get my PS4.

Can you turn the console on remotely too? Or do you have to leave it on all day?

Edit: @HakatoX, yeah that's what I thought. I always remembered them saying it was local only on PS4.

HakatoX1962d ago

the ps4 is local only..... it has been said many many times.
yes the ps3 can do it over the net. but to ensure droppless gameplay or intentional bad signals to lag gameplay by ppl who cant play online fairly.

think about it..... if they allowed overnet remote play we would hear countless complaints over laggy games cause someone wants free(stolen) internet or bad fast food connections

HakatoX1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

look, I understand what you are saying. try to do the same on my end.
Remote play on a legit ps3 works for like ten games. On a hacked ps3 you can stream all games. but with major hiccups.

instead of trying to prove me wrong and slam me with dislikes. use a simple google search. we are talking about new hardware that will work like wii u. does wii u work outside the home? I dont see it being possible or even good on a technical aspect, you know all those numbers and algorithms that make things work....

even at the PS4 conference they said REMOTE PLAY IN YOR HOME

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