5 Games That Might Be Announced At Microsoft's E3 Presser

GR: Microsoft disappointed just about every gamer on the face of the planet with its Xbox One reveal. The console's name is lame, games have taken a backseat to television, and Kinect will apparently be watching your every move. There's no doubt that the Xbox One has an uphill battle to face going into E3, and the only way Microsoft can sell consumers on this product is by wowing the masses with games, games, and more games.

We know Ryse, Forza 5, Quantum Break, and a few others will be there, but what about the surprises that Microsoft has still got up its sleeve? What could that new studio Black Tusk be working on? Here are a few titles we think The Big M might reveal during its E3 presser.

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dbjj120882047d ago

Eh, I doubt I'd bother playing any F2P games, even if it's fodder for the early war.

Christopher2047d ago

New Killer Instinct game would be a great thing to have.

BillytheBarbarian2047d ago

Halo 3 was ok, Halo 2 was the most fun I had with the series and I lost interest when ODST hit.

OpieWinston2047d ago

Hell no...No more MOBAs on console, it doesn't take high powered computres to play MOBAs so we don't need to see them.

I would like a Rare game like Killer Instinct but I'd prefer another Conker or Banjo Kazooie over it.

Mirrors Edge 2? Maybe IMHO.

Fable 4, Hell yes. (Not as an MMO)

Crackdown 3? OBVIOUSLY

Only certain games can pull off the F2P model without sucking.
Pay to win is what will happen unless it's a MOBA. And obviously LoL wouldn't come to Consoles unless you want to take a hit on performance of the players.

We all know Planetside 2 is going to be a flop on PS4. Not to sound like a fanboy but trust me it's a Pay to Win game...
Played it on PC...Bit too much hype.

DOMination-2047d ago

Ryse: Son of Rome

It says on the gametrailers website they'll have a live demo of it after the ms conference so I guess it'll definitely be there.

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acharlez2047d ago

Microsoft won't be getting my money until Halo 5 releases.

acharlez2047d ago

No other die-hard Halo fans out there?

My relationship with Microsoft rests solely on the shoulders of Master Chief.

Rusty5152047d ago

After Halo 3, the series kind of died for me...

Jesse74562047d ago

I love Halo and it's series, but not the multiplayer. I honestly want to see what Rare and Lionhead have in store for us.

CashColeTrain13372046d ago

I've only got one franchise left with Microsoft. Halo 4 multi was terrible and ruined the game for me, and the single player was starting something that didn't need started. Forza Motorsport is the only one left that's still good, and the trailer at the reveal didn't look like the series to me. I'll probably just build a PC next-gen.

dbjj120882047d ago

Totally agree with you. Bought my 360 for Halo 3 too.

AngelicIceDiamond2047d ago

I love the Halo universe just as much as the next guy but the series needs to take a back seat. That is, if MS wants GOW Judgement type sales.

Honestly if MS has big line up of AAA games like they say they do, then Halo 5 can take a short vacation.

Starbucks_Fan2047d ago

I'm definitely a huge Halo fan. My first 360 was the Halo 3 edition before I sold it for the Star Wars edition.

I have every Halo and every limited edition available.

BUT this new Xbox is so bad it's no where near worth it just for Halo! I don't mind skipping Halo 5 at all!

trenso12047d ago

is that one game even worth giving them your money? With all the restrictions they seem to have in place they could never convince to spend money on them. They already needed to convince me why i should pay for online before we even knew about all the restrictions.

Hercules1892047d ago

its a lot better than the other options on playstation, so yeah it is worth it to me imho. I dont care about ms policies, all i care about is games, yea sony has more games but none of them can hold interest like halo, uc and kz are decent games but they only last for a couple weeks and then ppl move on to a different game.

Wintersun6162047d ago


Really now? Well then I guess it's only been a few weeks since Uncharted 3 launched, because the MP still alive and breathing with lots of old and new players alike.

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Wedge192047d ago

let's hope they announce some games that get them out of the PR nightmare that they've been in for the last few weeks.

acharlez2047d ago

Yeah. I expect them to have loads of third-party support. Especially from EA.

DOMination-2047d ago

Third party exclusives if rumours are true:

Avalanche game (Just Cause?)
Bethesda project (Fallout?)
Mirror's Edge 2
Dragon Age 3

TXIDarkAvenger2047d ago

Let's face it, games won't even fix the damage that has been done already. All gamers wanted was more games for the next Xbox. That's all MS had to do but no. They completely ruin the console and fail to clear up false information. All this piracy, kinect always on bullshit just killed it.

Darrius Cole2047d ago

Except that none of the information was false. It was all true, and we all warned MS not to do it, Microsoft is going to do their DRM $#!^ anyway.

FlyingFoxy2047d ago

Halo has so many sequels now, the first one was even over rated. It's a bit like CoD.

Halo hasn't been out as long as the best classics like Doom or Half Life and it already has more games than those series.

Ausbo2047d ago

hey man. it isn't microsofts fault that valve is retarded and won't give us another half life

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