EA on Wii U and last-gen console support

Electronic Arts hasn't completely written off the Wii U, but there won't be any games coming from them for the Nintendo this fall, EA president of labels Frank Gibeau told Polygon.

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-Mika-1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

"Gibeau added that the developer and publisher does consider the Wii U a generation four console, the generation that includes both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4."

BS. I seriously don't believe this. The gap between the PS4/XB1 and the WiiU is just too big. They would have to scale things down. Plus the WiiU hardware is not as powerful or easier to develop on like ps4/xb1 since it hardware is not pc like.

"We're really excited about the Xbox One and the PS4 and that's a pretty big endeavor in and of itself," he said. "We have four titles out on the Wii U that are active right now, so looking at how things unfold, that's where our focus is right now."

And all 4 of those titles bombed So I think we know where your focus is. It on the true next gen platforms and the ps3/360.

I really don't like how EA is beating around the bush about the WiiU. We all know how you and other publishes feel about the platform. So just come out and say it.

DarkBlood1959d ago

we get it you dont like the wiiu because its not an allmighty powerhouse *and nintendo in general* just stop preaching it and say something positive without being negative 100% of the time

ziratul1959d ago

Consoles should not be easy to develop nor they should be PC-alike.

Developers and Big corporations have already destroyed Console gaming by converting consoles to x86 (PC) machines.

I LOVE NINTENDO for what it is = traditional console that respect gaming and it's players.

LOL_WUT1959d ago

Yea that's why Nintendo adopted online play? ;)

ShaunCameron1959d ago

<BS. I seriously don't believe this. The gap between the PS4/XB1 and the WiiU is just too big. They would have to scale things down. Plus the WiiU hardware is not as powerful or easier to develop on like ps4/xb1 since it hardware is not pc like.>

As in it doesn't allow nickel-and-diming, forcing them to actually have an imagination, make a complete game and make some half-decent use of the GamePad. Of course the Wii U isn't as "powerful" as the PC, PS4 or the XB1.

loulou1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

nintendo are not part of the partner plan, and dont have drm on their console.

so ea are not supporting them.

and please, think before you write that the "install base is not yet big enough".. the ps4 and xbox 1 have ZERO consoles sold, yet ea is going to support both of them....

the install base rubbish is exactly that

Firan1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Because better hardware = better everything right? No. Wii U might not compete against One/PS4 with multiplats but it can have great exclusives.

DragoonsScaleLegends1959d ago

It will be no different than it was the previous generation in terms of multiplats but Nintendo won't have as much momentum as they did with the Wii since people aren't as amazed with a touchscreen controller compared to the motion controller everyone was going nuts over. What Nintendo should have done with the Wii is develop a service similar to PSN and Xbox live sooner.

Firan1959d ago

@drpepperdude Well yeah I'm not going to be amazed by a controller. I agree that Wii U doesn't have a momentum like Wii had. I still have no doubt that it will have it's moments.

eShop <<<<<< PSN/Live. I would reduce the amounts of '<' if Nintendo would make eShop account based and not system based.

DragoonsScaleLegends1959d ago

There is a less powerful jump between the Wii U and Xbox One than there was with the Wii and Xbox 360.

akaihana86plus1959d ago

Awww Mika, trying to impress again with your lame rants against Nintendo and defending other companies as if they paid you to do so, you know, you really have so serious issues, this is getting out of hand and your hatred towards Nintendo says everything, they are only videogames!!!, stop taking it so seriously! lol!!!

@LOL_WOT, you really are patheric, next time i see you trying to comment something nice about Nintendo i'm gonna downvote your ARRSS!!!, you hypocrite!!!

yalltrippin1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

shut up bitch! @ mika

DivineAssault 1959d ago

Rage! lol tell em girly! They dont wanna say the wii u sucks or anything in case it spikes in sales & they wanna sell something on it one day.. Theyre just covering their butts so they dont make themselves look foolish one day..

Say EA publishes some casual game that EXPLODES with popularity, they will want to sell it on as many platforms as possible to get money from all sides of the playing field.. If they trash talk wii u, then ppl can talk trash about what they said in the past..

mudmax1959d ago

They already have. Go watch nintendo's E3 conference from 2011. You'll be blown away by EA on stage with them talking about the wii u.

Smashbro291959d ago

Some good points there but honestly, who cares?

Yeah, 3rd party on WiiU is gonna be a lot like it was on Wii. Yes publishers are gonna say what they're gonna say to save face.

This is barely news.

jcnba281959d ago

Could you be any more blind? lol

mudmax1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Mika, everyone seems to disagree with you. I would say troll. But i think that's obvious to everyone.

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cleft51959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Of course EA isn't onboard with supporting the WiiU right now, Nintendo is allowing used games to work like it has always worked.

Because of that you have companies like EA and Activision trying to push them out. Too bad for them they never really made a ton of great games for the console in the first place so they don't have enough pull to really hurt them.

MegaLagann1959d ago

Pretty much. When EA announced they were getting rid of online passes I knew something fishy was up, and this explains it. Xbone does all the work for them and they'll put the same DRM on the PS4.

Shok1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Actually Mika, the Xbox One is closer spec'd to the Wii U than it is the PS4. It's REAL FLOP performance is actually 800-1000, compared to the PS4's 1.8 FLOPS.

You can't look at the raw specs of these systems.

1) 2 of the Xbox One's CPU cores are reserved to the OS.
2) 37.5% of the RAM is reserves to the OS.
3) And 10% of the GPU is reserved to the OS.

And now there's reports that Microsoft has down-clocked the GPU. If this is true then the performance will be even lower.

And yes it has 8 gigs of RAM compared to the Wii U's 2, but anyone with the most basic understanding of tech knows that RAM =/= power. If we have 2 PC's with the same GPU's and CPU's but yours has 8 gigs of RAM vs. my 4, there won't be much of a performance difference. Your games may just have less texture/object pop-in.

MegaLagann1959d ago

Ouch, dare I say Mika

desertpunk861959d ago

i would love to play ufc on ps3,im not ready for next gen i don't see myself buying a ps4 until about 1 year and half after launch.

Trago13371959d ago

I don't think EA will completely ignore the Wii U. They didn't ignore the Wii completely after all, because there's potential money to be made.

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