Infinity Ward, 3 Years Later: A Call of Duty Comeback With a Caveat

Kotaku: "The trailer for the next Call of Duty, November's Call of Duty: Ghosts, makes it all seem so pleasantly straightforward. New Call of Duty. From the people who made the one that made this series a phenomenon. Not quite.

But not completely wrong, either."

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venom061956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

what was this GARBAGE that IGN showed today??? 20sec of swimming??? and no shooting at all?? seriously?? if that had been BF, the CoD fanboy reviewers @ IGN, KOTAKU would have CRUCIFIED it.... disgusting CoD fanboy site.... c'mon IW... you can do better than that...

porkChop1956d ago

Dude. They have to show off all the next gen fish.

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

But at the end, the fish swam in front of his face....

Not next Gen confirmed.

Blankolf1956d ago

Yeah dude... feel the fish all around you... that AI...

EazyC1955d ago

You clearly didn't notice dem fish physics clearly being showed off in all its glory.

IW calls em..."fishics".

franko1956d ago

Pop any previous cod and you'll see shooting. It's gonna be the same as allways...

FarCryLover1821955d ago

Just like the MW2 level: "S.S.D.D"

NarooN1955d ago

I remember back in the day right after CoD4 released. I really enjoyed the game at first, but then I got bored and didn't play it as much. I told people about how unbalanced the game was and etc., but people brushed it off. Then CoDWaW came out, and while it was also a decent game, I noticed a pattern. Then MW2... Which was the last straw for me, it was the last one I bought. I told people endlessly about how ridiculous the game was, and how the games weren't adding much new and people were eating it up. In those days, very few saw what I was getting at, and I was getting crucified by mindless fanboys all the time.

Now everyone sees just how big of a joke CoD really is. I don't even see why they hype up the single-player every year, a 4-6 hour affair at best with stories that seem like they could be written by middle-schoolers as some end-of-semester project.

It's gonna be the same thing. Same game, different skin.

CODallday1955d ago

It's funny how you're on EVERY cod article,yet you dislike the game so much.

NarooN1955d ago

I'm on hardly any of the CoD articles, stop being delusional.