Pach-Attack- Who Will Profit the Most from Next Gen?

GT:With new consoles releasing this fall, Pachter picks the stocks that benefit the most.

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MuhammadJA1960d ago

I'd say Nintendo!

inb4SONY!!!! inb4WELLSAID!!!!

3-4-51960d ago

Profit = Nintendo with a close second by Sony.

dedicatedtogamers1960d ago

Probably Nintendo.

Remember, the key word here is "profit", not "sell the most" or "get the most bro-dude military shooters".

Last year was the first year in 31 years that Nintendo did NOT turn a profit. I think they know what they're doing.

Transporter471960d ago

The thing is each generation is different in all honesty i see sony as the strongest followed by nintendo, but to tell you the truth only time will tell everything else is just an assumption with very little concrete evidence

NYC_Gamer1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Nintendo since Wii U won't be as expensive to produce compared to Xb1 & PS4

saoco1960d ago

You have to take software and subscription fees into effect too. Right now there isn't much selling own the wiiu.
Games attract customers to individual systems.

Apocalypse Shadow1960d ago

Microsoft if you let them....

Don't support DRM...

(D)irty (R)otten (M)icrosoft

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