Indie retailers desperate for Xbox One pre-owned answers

Microsoft’s statement about pre-owned licences on Xbox One this week has sent a shiver up the back of indie retailers.

MCV has spoken to a number of indies from across the UK and while some are happier than others the message is clear – many are worried that their livelihood is under threat.

These new complicated pre-owned licence agreements are bad news for the consumer, they argue, and possibly even worse news for Microsoft. Here’s a selection of what we’ve been told today.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

This is going to put a lot of places out of business.Such a shame.I have been going to the same "Easy game" store since i was 15.Mr morrisey who owned the place would always tell me he makes next to nothing on retail.

For every 360 sold he would make something like $3 and change.New games was about the same i'd suppose.Publishers get the lions share.Used games are how they stay afloat business wise.They had a hard enough time competing with gamestops power and this looks to be the final nail in the coffin.Especially since any game you buy would be fully installed to the HDD anyway, what's the point of even buying the disc? Since all games will be day one digital on Xbone why even bother going to Easy game in the first place, right MS?


Bigpappy1961d ago

I think you got it right. And, it is a shame that some of these guys are going to have to change their business plan or go out of business. But the same thing has already happened in the music business. The time are changing my friend. Change is at time hard to accept, but it always comes. Some old folks are still mad that they are forced to push buttons on the remote to watch TV. They long for the days where you never lad to look for the stupid thing. You just had to get up and turn the dial.

We all knew DD was coming. You can thank Steam for accelerating the process. The PC gamers seem rather happy with it actually. I even remember some of THE PS3 guys begging and praying for Steam to come to PS3. I think this new plan by M$ gives you more flexibility with the software you bought than Steam.

RockmanII71960d ago

You can't compare Xbox One to Steam because Steam is better on so many levels. Mod support, previous generation game support, cheaper prices, and tons of sales that aren't exclusive to paying members.

Go to Gamestop right now, Saints Row 3 is $40. Go to Steam right now, Saints Row 3 is $10. Defiance? $60 at Gamestop, $30 on GMG. Xbox One is the worst of both worlds, the price and features of console gaming and the no physical copies of PC gaming.

Hadoukameha1960d ago

Your old people tv comparison is retarded Just saiyan.

sengoku1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

good thing PS4 and Wii-u wont block used games like m$, so he might still survive but it's certainly no thanks to m$ and certain publishers cough EA cough.

hope they do survive though, there's nothing like stepping in to a little game boutique where they still have super Nintendo games/consoles and resale of those older games.

it's so much fun to see old classic games you remember and even more so the forgotten ones that almost bring tears to your eyes of laughter as you see them again en remember the good times you had enjoying them.

xbox one games wont be among those games as when the support from M$ stops all games will become unplayable because of the 24 hour check requirement.
as soon as M$ pulls the plugs on those servers it's all over and forever lost.

Software_Lover1960d ago

....... Microsoft isn't blocking used games, technically.

Hicken1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

No, not "technically."

They're just building a console with the ability to do so, of their own free will.

Edit: Oh, and fully intending to enforce that ability.

MajorLazer1960d ago

Indie stores are the heart and soul of gaming :( recently, an indie store offered me all three Uncharted games for £5. You'd never get that kind of deal with the 'fat cats'

Software_Lover1960d ago

Indie stores are the heart and soul of gaming? That's stretching it a little isn't it.

MajorLazer1960d ago

Alright, that was a bit too extreme, but indie stores are being threatened now :( that feeling you get when you discover a classic or games you never heard of in a indie store cannot be replicated elsewhere and the Xbox One pretty much wants to destroy them

RedHawkX1960d ago

this is why all those shops and all you gamers need to not even touch an xbox one at all. dont even get it even if you usually own all the console each gen. dont even say good things about it. wipe the xbox one from the face of this earth so that not one person wants it at all. then praise the awesome consoles like the wii u, ps4, and pc and handhelds. this is a console word war all must unite to stop the xbox one. lets do this!!

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Ashlen1961d ago

Steam is entirely different. PC is a backwards compatible system. I can easily play games made for DOS on my PC through Steam. Plus all the games I own will work on my next PC. That is completely different from a console where each new generation makes obsolete the prior. There is nothing "good" about it.

Imalwaysright1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Plus Steam is a service, the Xbone is a console. We don't own services but we do own our consoles and I'm not going to let multi billion dollar companies control what I can or can not do with the things that I buy with my money and are my property. Anyone that compares Steam with the Xbone is comparing apples to oranges.

jc485731960d ago

and how does Microsoft respond to people who want BC? "you're really backwards."

Donnieboi1960d ago

Can u play a disc based DOS game on a modern pc using Steam?

I ask because one of my favorite games (Lemmings 3D) wont work on my modern pc. I just wanna play, and I even tried Dos-Box, but it didn't work ;(

RedHawkX1960d ago

anyone who buys an xbox one is a lemming so you dont even need to play the game lol.

Ashlen1960d ago

Well, Steam doesn't facilitate the emulation. They sell games pre configured with DOS Box. That said you should be able to use DOS Box if it's a dos based game. If it's an older Windows game try using the built in emulation Windows 7 comes standard with. Or Virtual Machine a program that emulates Windows. Also try they may have the game cheap pre configured

SkullBlade1691960d ago

Try using Virtualbox with FreeDOS installed in a virtual machine and run the game through that.

LeRise1960d ago

I've just launched Lemmings 3D in my DosBox, everything works. 3D acceleration might work better, so you'd tweak some settings.

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urwifeminder1960d ago

Whinge it up move with the times go ms.

WeaseL1960d ago

I don't think Indie retailers will be steering customers towards the XB1 like they did for the 360 this gen.

WeAreLegion1960d ago

My company has already taken measures to fix this. I don't think the Xbox One will be around long enough to cause any real trouble to mom-and-pop stores though. ;)

WeAreLegion1960d ago

Yes. We've been writing up new marketing campaigns to keep us on top of GameStop, locally, as well as adding various new products to the store. We aren't a massive business, so we have free-reign with most of this stuff. ;)

KwietStorm1960d ago

That sounds good. I hope it's successful. Gamestop took out my local game store years ago. I wouldn't mind seeing private shops make a comeback.

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