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GIZORAMA - You finally reach shore after a long fishing trip on a lake in the mountains with your buddy. You decided to go dark and have no communication with the outside world so you could enjoy your vacation. Unfortunately while you were gone the world has gone to hell in a hand basket like it tends to do during the zombie apocalypse. Your first inclination that something is amiss is when your buddy Ed is fighting off the cannibalistic undead while you were finding your land legs. You are Marcus and you are the player’s entry point into the recently released State of Decay.

Undead Labs developed State of Decay to be the game where players can make up their own zombie survival plans and manage both the fruits and consequences of their labors. State takes the open world approach of a Grand Theft Auto title while tossing in base and group management and uses that to create a world where resources dwindle but zombies keep spawning. With only a small spattering of story-laced missions to push the game to the next level, NPC and mission generation is largely random turning the game into a rather ambitious sandbox title with no strong central narrative only available on XBLA and eventually PC thanks to a publishing deal with Microsoft Studios.

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