Sony Talks Even More About PlayStation Network

Sony has confirmed details regarding their PlayStation Network. Chatting, friends lists, and online gaming will be free. The service will also support web browsing using a USB keyboard.

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THELANDSOFSAND6253d ago (Edited 6253d ago )

1- paying for demos is WRONG!
2- "The main difference between Sony's PlayStation Store and the online stores that Nintendo and Microsoft have is that Sony will use a straight cash system instead of a point system. Sony says that they'll be adding content to their Store on a regular basis."

using credit cards and cash cuts off all the gamers that dont have credit and can walk into a game store/walmart/ebay and buy a points card. the pre-paid card system on the 360 is far more user friendly than the PS3's credit card system.

kmis876253d ago

Sony's system is basically a points system. If you pay $20 you get 2,000 points. People can still prepurchase $20 at stores and such, then the player has $20 in the online wallet. You still buy all that money at once, and then spend it later so you actually buy the points once whether you do it by credit card or in a store.

I do agree that purchasing demos is wrong, and just plain bad business. Demos are basically advertisements, and think how stupid it would be if we had the choice to pay or not watch commercials on tv. No one would watch them and the products would sell worse. The same thing goes for demos, they should be free, and trailers for unreleased games should be free too. Companies that want us to buy their games should be paying for advertising, not consumers.

THELANDSOFSAND6253d ago (Edited 6253d ago )

but can you buy those points in card form from retailers? because credit-card-less people will be screwed on PS3 otherwise...

Siesser6253d ago

Sony stated that you can also use cards that you purchase in store to buy stuff, just like iTunes or Virgin Mobile or 360, etc.

shortyNZ6252d ago

totally agree! i dont even have a credit card so what good would it be to me? im glad MS went for the points option, buying them from the shop is great

lalaland6252d ago

It has been stated in multiple places that you don't have to buy demos (it states FREE with bright yellow on items that are free, including for now the demos shown).

By using local currency it makes the cost of items more transparent. The points system on XBL is there to lower the barrier of a purchace, and is solely there for MS benefit.

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Boink6253d ago

cause I want MS to make theirs free, and if they do this half-assed and charge for demos and nickle and dime people to death, then MS won't change their price.

PS360WII6253d ago

yea it does seem this online service is all nickle and dime. Charge for every little download? Oh but wait it's free to be online...

calderra6253d ago

Not to mention there's no actual online gameplay service- the devs have to go to a third-party system like Gamespy or XFire to actually make everything happen (apart from the gamercard system and online store- which is all that Sony actually supplies).

The gameplay is free because Sony basically isn't actually providing anything to make it happen. It's all up to the third-party support and devs.

lalaland6252d ago

That their service is run on Sony servers... And all games will be run on Sony servers... GameSpy is a partner in developing the Sony online network. XFire is there for publishers with multiplatform gaming and/or communities.

Deceased6253d ago

because by the time the PS3 comes out there will be no such thing as internet. We will be using telekinesis.

calderra6253d ago

Maybe Sony will allow gift cards, but yes, it's all about pre-pay. Just like cell phones, lots of people don't actually like contract or online payment. They really do prefer loading up cards with credit to get things online. Points was Microsoft's way of making this payment system make sense.

Think of cell phone minutes- maybe you pay $60 for 200 "minutes". But those aren't strictly "minutes", because Extended Network or Roaming calls might cost extra. So you're really buying points you can redeem for airtime. This abstraction inspires consumer confidence- consumers feel they're getting something for their money. Their cash becomes abstract points. If they pay money in to get online credit, they didn't GET anything- they just converted their currency.

You can claim it's smart that Sony is going for cash, but in the end it's actually a dumb business move. It's nowhere near as good at inspiring consumer confidence, and (if they don't use prepay cards) it cuts off a large part of the audience.

And I do really hope they're not dumb enough to have gone for a credit-cards only system. Even I'm willing to hope they saw the problems with Xbox Live's original card-only system. Microsoft already learned this lesson for the rest of the industry, so everyone can jump on the bandwagon with pre-pay.

[And yes, paying for demos is wrong.]

kmis876253d ago (Edited 6253d ago )

What? Points was Microsoft's way of saving money and making downloadable content viable. Every time a credit card transaction occurs, it takes money and time to process it, money that Microsoft would rather keep. By making only the first step (purchasing the points) involve real cash there is then only one real transaction taking place. That way, the company doesn't have to incur expenses every time horse armor is bought, only everytime points are purchased online. Sony is doing the exact same thing except the points line up with the currency. Think of it as 1 point = 1 cent. They are still prepurchased, prepaid points. If you put $20 into your playsation wallet, you are out $20, even if you don't spend it right away. The same goes with purchasing Microsoft points. Why can't you people understand this system, especially people who already play Live. It's the same thing!

dutchmole6253d ago

based on the photo, it looks like the text size in the menue is going to be very difficult to read for those of us who still have SD tv's. I wonder if that will be a problem much like Dead Rising?