The Last of Us – An Open Love Letter To Naughty Dog

Johnny Cullen says: You managed to make one of the greatest games ever at the tail-end of the PlayStation 3′s lifecycle as this generation comes to an end. You made a showcase that immortalises games as something more than just a stupid niche thing but as a truly wonderful brand of entertainment. And after eight years, you gave me my newest favorite game ever. You have made something truly, truly special. And as a whole, you’ve become a teller of the most amazing, mature stories

Speaking as a fan, not a games journalist, I only have one thing to say to close this off.

To all at Naughty Dog and to Troy and Ashley: Thank you. Just, thank you.

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Ezz20132011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

wow that's awesome

lucky me i will have the game tonight
and based on who got to play the game early from neogaf and other sites ....every one of them confirm that it's their game of this gen and a biggest contender for GOTY

very few games that live up to it hype and the last of us is one of them

DigitalRaptor2010d ago

I've read some NeoGaf comments too from people who have played it. Such includes:

"The last moments of this game will define this generation."

Hardly ever been this excited for a game.

2011d ago
kevnb2011d ago

"most amazing mature stories", lol. Not knocking naughty dog or the game, but this is stupid as hell.

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KruLLit2011d ago

I have it already? pretty good game :p

desertpunk862011d ago

i just want to know how many gigs the game is going to take of my hdd.

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