BT’s Sony E3 2013 Predictions

BT writes: Sony came out swinging when they revealed the PS4 console. The company touted improved system memory, more accessible processor architecture, increased support from indie developers, and a number of exclusive titles, including a new intellectual property called Knack. Disappointments included a lack of backwards-compatibility, another attempt to push the PlayStation Eye, and the inability to transfer PSN purchases from the PS3. The jury is still out on the “Share” functionality, DualShock 4, and Gaikai streaming service.

Plenty of questions still remain though. How much will it cost? When will it launch? Does it restrict used game sales in any way? Will we need to connect to the internet every day to access our single-player titles?

I have predictions for all of these questions, plus a few others you didn’t even know you could ask.

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US8F1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

less than 48 hours now, I can't wait!.

Good read Pozzle, Thanks!

GamerzElite1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Sony reveals PS4's 3 Exclusive Game Trailers + 1 PS3 Exclusive Game Reveal Trailer:

Daylight - PS4
Dying Light - PS4
Warframe - PS4
Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII - PS3

illtornworld1957d ago

Um people buy ps4 to enjoy a ps4 experience. And you can play PS3 games via Gaikai.So whats up with this misinterpretation?? Im actually glad Sony done this, itll be more affordable, did people buy ps2 to play ps1 games? not really. besides the world has a PS3 so why push full backwards compatibility? just saying

majiebeast1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Im expecting Sony Santa Monica to show off their new IP and its gonna melt faces.

MM just posted this on twitter. "Our favourite part will be not preparing for E3 any more. Also that one thing that's a secret that we know about. Sshh."
Greg miller posted this.
Learned an #E3 @PlayStation Conference secret tonight that has me #BEYOND excited for Monday.

I think Sony has some big things planned.

illtornworld1957d ago

And something tells me thats not gunna be the only game! :)

Omran1957d ago

It will melt everything not only faces
don't forget Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream etc .....

illtornworld1957d ago

I swear its gunna be a great show, i just hope Sony has fun moments like pretending to forget to actually show ps4 i can see Kaz screaming at Jack yelling did you forget to bring it! Jack goes fu*** i left it on the desk! haha!

majiebeast1957d ago

What they need to do is like pull the curtain and behind it is a Betamax player. Then Jack goes just kidding and shows a well designed console like their Xperia line.