10 Best Historical Games

Vyralize: A lot of people have dreadful memories of history class in high school or college, and might confess an utter dislike for an era that isn’t contemporary. More than likely you’ve been exposed to history, and you weren’t even aware of it. Oddly enough video games, which some might consider mindless distractions with inflated budgets, mind-blowing graphics, and far too much violence, in fact, has a lot of history-based games that, in reality, have some decent historical elements involved.

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lucidity1957d ago

"High profile" is a good get out of jail card here - I was expecting a list of obscure PC strategy games. I think Assassin's Creed is uniquely good at creating interest in the time periods the games take place in amongst the people playing it.

3-4-51956d ago

Every Total War game should be on there.

* It's missing Age of Empires 1,2,3 + Expansions

* 1602 AD

* North vs South - NES

Timesplitter141957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

This is a very weak list. Having Call of Duty in a "best historical games" list is pretty much a joke.

As for my picks, I liked Crusader Kings and Dawn of Discovery.

Elwenil1956d ago

The original, WWII CoD games were actually quite good for their time, which are what the article refers to. The CoD series only declined after CoD4 when it stopped evolving.

Speed-Racer1956d ago

COD 2-4 were pretty awesome though, so it's rightly placed on the list, but I can't agree so much with further re-hashed installments.

AllThingsShining1956d ago

Call of Duty 1 and 2 were superb WW2 FPSs. Instead of Brotherhood in Arms I would definitely go with any of the pre-modern Medal of Honor titles. The level in Frontline, Arnhem Nights, was particularly excellent, and the music was superb.

greatcrusader441956d ago

I totally remember Shadow of Rome, that game was the sh*t