In The Lab with Disco Pixel’s Trevor Stricker

"The next time you’re at a gaming convention being wrangled into line like cattle by glorified interns just to see the next big AAA franchise installment trailer that everybody else has already seen on YouTube, consider the indie games. It is no secret that we here over yonder at Geekenstein love the indie games. Not only are they more fun, creative and original than anything you’ll see at (redacted), but they’re made by some of the coolest and most passionate people you’ll ever meet. Take Trevor Stricker, President of Disco Pixel for example, who was gracious enough to sit down and do an interview with a sick, unprofessional and nearly voiceless me. He goes into detail about his game Jungle Rumble, making games in my home state of Massachusetts and some of his past work with Dreamcast era Sega." - Willy Fretschl of

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