10 reasons to play Deadly Premonition

DiscDoesRetro writes: "I love Deadly Premonition. I consider it my favourite X-Box 360 game to date. If you haven’t played it, then you must. But in case you’re still not sure, here are 10 reasons to help you make up your mind."

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lucidity1985d ago

Also reasons to watch the Endurance Run.

Tuxmask551985d ago

I just added this game to my Gamefly list.

Wni01984d ago

Easily the worst game I've played since Alone In the Dark. Gameplay is atrocious, and there is nothing redeeming except for a bunch of David Lynch ripoffs, reviewers suck so hard these days.

Pozzle1984d ago

I like Deadly Premonition because it's ambitious. The developers clearly had a vision, and even though it didn't work out perfectly, there's still a charm to it that shows how much the developers cared about the story they wanted to tell.
Tbh, I'd rather see more games like Deadly Premonition than a bunch of generic, brown, Call of Duty ripoffs. At least the DP devs took a risk to make something unique in the game industry, despite knowing it had a high chance of bombing badly. They weren't just trying to cash-in on the latest gaming fad.