PlayStation 4 Can Win Next Gen, Here’s How

Dan writes - "There are just a few more days to wait until hopefully all of the details are spilled about the two next gen consoles, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. After the fiasco of the Xbox One press conference, and subsequent interviews and questions by members of the media the Xbox One details are so convoluted, it’s almost impossible to figure out what is truth or fiction. In this confusion, it’s Sony and the PlayStation 4′s time to shine."

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SnakeCQC1957d ago

tbh sony dont need to do much to win the next gen ms has done most of the work lol

One4U1957d ago

yep , they just need keep doing what their doing !

lastdual1957d ago

They just need to *NOT* follow MS's lead.

It's kind of sad when the biggest selling factor for a new console is being able to buy a disk, pop it in the machine, and play the game - whether you're online or not.

That's all most of us are asking for! We want to feel like we own the games we buy, without needing Mr. DRM to give us permission to play what we already paid for.

S2Killinit1957d ago

Cant agree more. I really hope Sony can somehow work a deal to make the publishers happy without sacrificing our rights. It's ridiculous, this wouldn't happen to any other industry. It's BS that they think they can push gamers around. Problem is, we are divided along console lines. Xbox loyals think that because there are childish, fanboish, stupid comments regarding their console of preference, that there isn't a case to be made. There is something much more important happening here that is above and beyond our old alliances. Gamers need to stand together and speak with their actions to let these corporates understand that we will not let them take our RIGHT to ownership of what we PAY for away from us without a fight.

WillM171957d ago

Can win? PS4 already win

NVIDIAGeek1957d ago

*Won. I'm not a grammar Nazi but this is a moment of joy, so everything must be perfect. :P

KiLLUMiNATi_891957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

when pre-orders begin that alone wins next gen for Sony, I can't wait when i pre-orders mines already!

DxTrixterz1957d ago

How can PS4 win next gen? How about becoming complete opposite of X1. Instead of being cable box be a gaming console and allow us to use OUR games however we want and to do whatever we want with them.

greenpowerz1957d ago ShowReplies(2)
Blackdeath_6631957d ago

just avoid any major screw ups, there hasn't been any yet as far as i am aware. also they need to advertise like crazy MS can sell ice to Eskimos and sand to Arabians with the way they manage to spin every bit of news to make it seem that people are actually getting something in return. so far sony has done quite well with hype on the internet but they need to reach out to mainstream media. killzone demo that appeared on american tv was one way to do it. more of this

Bhuahahaha1957d ago

lol nintendo and sony dont need to do anything
microsoft is doing that for them
sure save them a lot of money in pr

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