Fallout 4 shows up on E3 title list

Examiner writes: "Speculation is growing as to the possibility that Bethesda is currently working on “Fallout 4.” According to a report by Heavy on June 5, the website showed a list of title’s supposedly appearing at this year’s E3 event and the next entry in the “Fallout” series is among the games listed. The leak even dates the return of the post-apocalyptic series to 2015."

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OlgerO1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Oh dear lord please let this be true.
Fallout 4 and Destiny are my most anticipated titles at the moment.
I really cant wait to play these games on my PS4

EazyC1962d ago

I do hope so, but Beth doesn't have a track record of lifting the curtain on new titles at E3. Guess next week will tell all!

justastranger101961d ago

I hear Fallout 4 is X1 exclusive.

Ritsujun1961d ago

Fallout 4: New Glitchfest

babis19741961d ago

i agree but i have a fear that Microsoft paid Bethesda for an exclusive...

lucaskeller11961d ago

xbox only have a record for paying for timed exclusive, and rumours are suggesting microsoft will try and pass of multiplats at e3 as if they're exclusives so hopefully it will be multiplat

slayorofgods1961d ago

Bethesda won't make Fallout xbox1 exclusive... Fallout will come to the PS4, too much sales to loose out on something that can easily be multi platform

ceballos77mx1961d ago

Probably not exclusive, but DLC timed exclusive like this gen.

DOMination-1961d ago

Playstation owners said they weren't going to buy another game from Bethesda anyway so I guess they took that feedback on board and rolled with it.

dendenmooshi1961d ago

Like people have already said, Time exclusive DLC or even exclusive advertising.

If it doesn't make it on the PS4, will be playing and modding it on PC.

Garbanjo0011961d ago

Not to mention the game is slated for 2015... but even then I can't wait for a lot of shit to come out.

palaeomerus1961d ago

I want to play it on the PC.

SolidStoner1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

dont worry, game like Fallout never be MS exclusive.... It's just timed exclusive like most exclusives from MS side...

think about it..

MS will pay developers so they will delay the game for others... later pay again to delay DLC for others... yay MS this is the way to go!!! thanks a lot!!!

MS bites the hand that feeds them!

Worldwide exclusive bite!!!

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Commandar_Shepard1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


Please be on PS4!!! With development for the system being much easier than the PS3, Bethesda's games should run much better now.

cr33ping_death1961d ago

God i hope so.... I put up with hours of glitches to get my platinum for Fallout 3 :-)

xBigxBossx1961d ago

Don't get your hopes up buddy. PC has millions of problems too, their are mods that are just patches for the game fixing over 1000 do issues. The problem is not the complexity of a given console. But Bethesda rushing to get its product out. So don't hold your breath. I own PS3 and PC FYI.

babis19741961d ago

i agree with fallout but i have a fear that Microsoft paid Bethesda for an exclusive...

medman1961d ago

If that's the case, the game and the developer will go on the same shit list Microsoft is currently on and I will consider myself done with them. Period. Exclamation point.

Commandar_Shepard1961d ago

It would be timed. With the uproar over the Xbone's DRM, many will buy a PS4 over the X1. They'd be idiots not to eventually go where the money may be.

TheSurg1961d ago


And I will get it no matter on what system it will be out, because I'm a gamer, unlike you blind fanboy.

tommygunzII1961d ago

Bethesda may as well shoot themselves in the foot if Fallout 4 isn't released on PC. Highly doubt it will be an exclusive.

Garbanjo0011961d ago

I hope not, I heard the same rumor floating around that Fallout 4 is XBO exclusive, they are burning a lot of people that way, maybe they are just going along for the ride, but really... it's not going to be. I have a few links on a page I created, not many likes haha, a few friends but there are some decent videos and links that I have provided. Check them out.

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shadowsatey1961d ago

Yeah, and Bethesda should have no excuse now that the PS4 is even more powerful than the new Xbox One, with better RAM capabilities for all of their open-world games. No excuse, Bethesda, unless it's deep pockets that interest you.

titletownrelo1961d ago

If Bethesda has a deal with M$, whether its Xbox One exclusivity or timed DLC, I will be extremely PISSED OFF. These kinds of deals accomplish nothing but let down the gaming community.

Ausbo1961d ago

please let this come before 2015

Tetsujin1961d ago

For those who read the article; the ONE game 99% of us asked for is printed on the Xbox side (I'll let you guess what it is, here's a hint, it's a 90's arcade fighter that used to be on Ninendo).

For those who didn't read the article; "lol Bethesda sold their soul to MS and its exclusive to Xbox." Followed by a ton of conspiracy theories which requires changing your tinfoil hat frequently.

I hope the majority of those games do get announced though. Especially ---- ------- on the Nintendo side (Old NES game from the early 90's that I'd actually vote higher than Zelda in some aspect).

ShiranaiJittai1961d ago

The game you refer to is Killer Instinct clayfighters doesn't have enough of a following by comparison, and Primal Rage was Sega Genesis not to mention Time Warner Interactive which I would assume would fall under the Warner Bros. Name.

Also how are you looking forward to Killer Instinct more than Tekken Tetsujin?

Tetsujin1960d ago

Killer Instinct (at the time) was one fighting game I felt was a hybrid between Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Tekken however was a fighting game I felt was more "Realistic" and I did stick with the series even though there's a couple I don't like (4 and 5, 6 is ok at best). What I really wanted was an HD Eternal Champions however I hope someday we see that series again.

To answer your question though, "if" and I mean a big IF MS was to keep the KI name true to the roots I'd actually (Wait) to buy it; however if it's some kinnect or some "next gen" fighting game that has nothing to do with the original gameplay, they can eat it and I'll stick to Tekken.

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Garbanjo0011962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I haven't seen anything on E3 line up yet.

But for the sake of argument, lets just say that it is revealed at E3... along with FF15, amongst others, I will be one extremely happy camper, and I may kill an actual bear with my bare fists if I get screenshots. I actually was just about to post news about this, but Mr Doucher wouldn't let me stating that it was more a rumor than fact. You beat me to the punch on this one buddy! Either way here is the link, supposedly it'll be an Xbox exclusive of which I am NOT very happy about.


Rhaigun1961d ago

A lot of this list is redundant. Its widely believed that Deep Down is Dragon's Dogma 2. Why list both? Also, it lists Saints Row 5, even though 4 isn't out yet. Surely they aren't going to show anything on that yet.

This list is highly suspect.

Foxgod1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

One megaton about the aftermath of megatons.
And about resident evil 7 on that list, i am actually more excited about the evil within.

rextraordinaire1961d ago

Hmmm yeah no this list is not accurate, as I can see a lot of missing titles:

Dragon's Crown. (They already confirmed it would be playable at E3, yet it's not on the list)

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Final Fantasy XIII-3


STILL, plenty of titles on that list would be dreams come true, like The Last Guardian, Persona 5, Little Big Planet 3, Sleeping Dogs 2 and Dragon's Dogma 2...

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