The Last of Us – Neil Druckmann on Creating a Future Classic

Behind the scenes look into The Last of Us, straight from, along with a Q&A with Neil Druckmann, the person in charge of making the new IP after Naughty Dog's release of the well known Uncharted series.

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Insomnia_842051d ago

I haven't played the game yet and I'm already excited for a sequel on the PS4.

Just imagine...

Omran2050d ago

Yes of course we want sequel
but first i want new uncharted

I played the game today and it was
epic . . very emotional :(

TheDarpaChief2050d ago

As good as everyone is claiming it to be?

DigitalRaptor2050d ago

You only have to look around on the official NeoGaf thread to know the answer to that. Hint: yes, it is.

SpinalRemains2050d ago

Did you complete the game in a day?

Arietos2050d ago ShowReplies(1)